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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 2/6

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...that understands human behavior, you don't have those variations. You can block 'em, through education. Not the education that you get. That's mostly propaganda. They condition a man to become an engineer, another man a chemist, another man a physicist. And when we go to war, the physicists in Germany fall in line with that culture. In Italy they fall in line with that culture. In America the scientists fall in line. If they were scientists, really scientists, they would wonder what war is, why do people kill each other? What is a serial killer, what makes them that way? They don't fall in line. Your business is to listen to me and if there's anything you don't understand, please, during the question period, question the hell out of me. Don't accept anything I say... ...unless I can provide sources of information. So, so far, I just want to tell you a little bit more about people. When you study architecture, all the houses as a rule has a pointing roof. That's conventional. Architects do not design cities for people, they design for business. They design things that will sell. It's an ego problem. They design the tallest building. So when they invited Roxanne and myself to Dubai, they wanted me to come there and design the tallest building in the world, and the most modern city in the world and a theme park. I said "Why do you want the tallest building in the world?" "We want to be better than the United States". It's like infantile. The prince is an asshole. In other words, all these people don't understand society. They do not.... You must design for human comfort, and you must design cities with art centers, music centers, cultural centers. I can only talk a little bit about America 'cos that's where I'm from. I don't like our country, its' completely corrupt. And that's for most civilizations today, they're all corrupt. I'm sorry to say that, I don't like what I'm saying, I wish it were otherwise. So what I wanted to tell you is we are brought up in a system called "established". Established means it serves the interests of the lead group, the control group. What we really need is an "emergent society". Emergent society means that there's no Utopia, no fixed system. If I were to design a city, and that city would be a straight jacket to the kids of the future, they'll design their own cities. So if you make a statue of me, you hold back society. There are no great men, no great women. All people are creative but they're not brought up to know what that means. I want to give you...most of your language should be subject to definitions, clear definitions. And we don't have that. When we say we have a great nation, what do we mean by that exactly? Another person says to me; "I believe in freedom, I believe in participatory democracy.". So I say "Do you really believe that?" They say "Yes". So I say "Did you vote for the Vietnam war?" "I guess not." "Did you vote for the space programme?" "I guess not." "Did you vote for highway design, the Capitol building, procedural systems?" "No." That's just bull, bull shit, I'm sorry. But, they give you that to maintain control. Theres' no bad language either. Maybe if you young lady drop a pie, you say "Fiddle de dee". A man might say "Shit!" That means I'm sorry I dropped the pie. It has nothing to do with fecal matter, there are no bad words. Your society tries to control you continuously thorugh radio, television, news Now, if you work in a department store and a young lady comes up and says; "How much is that lamp?" You say "20$". She says "I'll take two". Let's say he's a good christian. He says "If you go down the street, you get the same lamp for 10 bucks". He wouldn't be working there very long. So when they tell you that your government likes you, they're working for you, you wouldn't outsource to another country. You understand? If you outsource jobs and production to other countries, it means all they're concerned with is the bottom line, profit. And that, that's very disadvantageous to people. The profit system actually does design things to wear out and break down. Because that's the way you keep in business. Every year you've got to buy new airplanes, 'cos the old become obsolete. So war has always been good business A friend of mine... When you're drafted into the army or you join the army to protect your country, you put your life up for the country. So they should conscript all the war industries so no one makes a buck out of war. Then it's real. On the same basis as the pay of soldiers. But if you make millions selling aircraft to the army, he sells machine guns, she sells submarines, it's not honest. Now, I knew a guy named Alexander P. de Seversky who owned Seversky aircraft company. He said during World War 2, that the government should buy long range bombers, to knock out the power projects in Germany. If you knock out the dams and the power projects... But if you shoot soldiers out in the field, they can keep producing munitions and bombers and airplanes. Do you understand? Even war's corrupt, it's corrupt as an operation. A friend of mine flew airplanes in World War 1. And he said he flew over Krupt munitions works, 8 times with orders not to bomb it. He didn't understand that. He was a pilot to defend the United States. But after the war, a magazine called Fortune Magazine, ran an article called "Arms and the man". Probably never heard of it. And in that magazine they said that Dupont have holdings in I G Farben. Tha's why he wasn't bombing it. So war is really not to bring democracy to other countries. It's about resources, and explotation and removal of the resources. National loyalty is really a form of stupidity. All people need clean air, clean water, arable land and a relevant education. That means no business men, no advertising, no investment bankers. Relevant education means how to restore the environment and the damaged reefs, not to... You know, I don't know if I told some of you this but, the United States army, about 45 years ago, dumped 65 tons of nerve gas off the coast of Miami, near the gulf stream. How can you love the country, and do things like that? How can you care about people and bomb their cities, with fire, you press a button and wipe out cities. The reason people do that.... They Get a Medal! They get an "X" on the fuels-stalls for how many planes you shot down. I used to work for "Ernst Udded"... He became the head one of the top brass, under the Nazis. I worked from the "Roosevelt" field. And i said :"How do you shoot down the 70 airplanes?" And he said to me:"I would fly above areal Covac, and watched the rookies, that couldn't handle the planes well, and knock 'em off!" Now, what kind of a person is that? He's a war Hero! Great Man! Any "Rick" and "Buck" is the same! They're bums, and stupid people, brought up by an arrogant society, that doesn't give a "shit" about anyone else, but these established institutions. So i'm trying to tell you something. We MUST join together with all nations, take care of the Earth together, and one another. If you....When you think of the cost, of WW2, i'm just talking about the military cost, i'm talking about taking care of veterans, after the war for years, and then... all the cities bombed down, the museums and art, you remember, England, and Germany, Flattened Out.... Take that you know what that could have done? They could have housed everyone on Earth, in brand new housing. Build Art centers, Music centers, Cultural centers, Housing, Parks... Soldiers should be trained, as problem solvers Not Killers! When you train people to be Killers... Obviously soldiers don't know what the hell they're doing! Because, they think, they are defending their country, they're building hatred for the next...

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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 2/6

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