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[Adobe® Developer Connection] [♫ upbeat techno music ♫] [Photobucket and Adobe® Flash® Platform] Photobucket has evolved from being an online photo and video hosting site to really becoming a social network of its own. We've got over 100 million users. We do millions of uploads a day. Our users link that content out across the Web 4 billion times a day. It's a lot of personal memories where you're taking--you know--pictures and videos and then sharing those together in an album with your friends. It's been a good 2 years since we've really been in the mobile space. We saw more and more people coming to our site on mobile platforms. They might spend 25% of their time on mobile and 75% of their time on the Web, but having both was really important to our users. The Flash® platform is important to Photobucket because it's an open-source platform that allows us to provide really rich functionality across a huge breadth of devices and operating systems and browsers without spending a lot of time and money on porting and/or supporting these different environments. Since we've already been using Flash® on our main site, we didn't really have to learn anything new for the mobile site as it was pretty much plug-and-play. Before we knew about the Flash® technology on mobile, the conversion effort to be able to support video on mobile was going to be on the order of months. With Adobe®, we were able to use the Flash® player and the existing video content and integrate that into the mobile site with a development effort on the order of days. It gives us more time to implement new features and create a better user experience on the mobile version of Photobucket. It was definitely a huge relief on the technology side and also it's going to save us a lot of money as well because we're not going to have to pay a third party to do the transcoding of videos and also store multiple copies of the videos in different formats. When we were able to take our Flash® player for video and our slideshow player for albums, that was really important to us from a business standpoint because--you know--we were able to do it in less than a week, and we were able to get it out there and available to our users in a really short period of time. Flash® Player 10.1 has been great for Photobucket. We have been able to leverage it across--you know--mobile and Web and reuse a lot of the same code and development tools and skill sets to really quickly integrate some cutting-edge technology into our mobile platform. [Adobe® Developer Connection]

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Posted by: adobetv on Oct 21, 2010

Using the Adobe Flash Platform, Photobucket builds a mobile version of its site and allows users to upload and browse photos and video directly from smartphones.

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