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[ENG SUB] J-hope and Jimin's Dope Music Video Reaction

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JM: I don't see us JH: I got it [July 23rd- a day before the reveal of the Dope MV] JH: Right now, we have amazing news to tell JM: Today- at 12, our "Dope" MV will be released! JH: Yes it's crazy JH: BUT- we JM: Have not seen it yet JH: Have not seen it, so without the other members knowing... JM: We will JH: watch it, just us. JH: It's over there JH: Without this- it's not BigHit. Right? JM: Noww JH: He's coming out JH: Namjoon Kim~ (JM: So good looking!) JM: Ok starting now I will comment calmly. JH: I will also comment calmly JH: Oh no this isn't right. I don't like it JH: Oh JH: Oh Jungkookie! JM: Jungkookie is good looking JH: Hey this isn't bad JH: ah he looks like a policeman JH: Jimin-shiii JM: I'm gonna go crazy. Really so good looking JH: Woah it's cool! JM: I really looked at it calmly... but this friend- this yellow haired friend. He's really all over the place. JM: I can't tell what he's doing JH: I wonder why the red hair keeps missing the beat JM: The red hair is really- JH: Oh hey hey hey JH: This came out really cool JM: This friend- waves his fingers too much JM: Especially this friend... why does he keep showing his hands JH: Woah woah what's that JH: That's awesome JM: This wasn't there at first JH: What is this JH: That's cool JM: Ah he came out good looking (JH: It looks good!) JH: Oh it's going down JH: Awesome JH: This is awesome JM: Suddenly it feels really child like JH: This is awesome! JH: They improved a lot. Namjoon improved a lot JM: Namj- No when I look at Seokjin hyung it does look like he improved JH: Yoongi hyung's so excited so excited JH: Yoongi hyung's so happy JM: Yellow hair's really funny JH: This is really cool JM: They made it really well JH: Why is Yoongi hyung so funny JM: Why am I only seeing the yellow hair JM: He's good looking JM: Jeon jungkookie's so cute JH: Hey look it's Jin hyung now Jin hyung JH: Didn't he get a lot better? JM: I don't really know JH: He got a lot better JM: While watching, one thing I noticed is that Jungkookie is really good looking JH: He is JM: and also this red hair, his red hair fits him a lot JM: That's what I keep thinking JH: really? It's just you JM: Isn't he cool? [Sorry I couldn't hear this part too well ;;;] JH: Why is he pulling his necktie JH: Ah you came out good JM: ah the effects yes JH: So that's what it looks like JH: I saw the original set- none of this was there JM: There were no effects right JH: Yeah JH: Amazing amazing JM: Now after watching this, I have a couple of comments to make JH: Yes yes tell us JM: Number one, uh the yellow hair- something about him was really funny JM: I think he flailed around a lot JM: and number 2, the red hair- JM: I think he's really good, that friend. JM: and this child wearing the police costume- I think he's very good looking. JM: and lastly, I think the fans will really like this when they see it JH: I also have something to say JM: yes go ahead JH: First, the members got better at dancing JM: ah yes the dancing improved JH: Yes I think we all improved as a group JH: and um... I think out of all the MVs we've done... this one probably came out the best.

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BTS J-Hope and Jimin's Dope MV reaction

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