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Sraddhalu Ranade - Infinite Diversity, Infinite Potential

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global oneness project Infinite Diversity, Infinite Potential You find that all over the cosmos nothing is ever repeated. Sraddhalu Ranade - Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India - Scientist, Educationalist, Scholar Every single experience, every single atom, molecule, bubble, or wave is unique. Nothing is ever repeated. And there's a reason for that. It's because that oneness, that essence, that divine source, can express itself in infinite diversity with an infinite potential and chooses never to repeat itself, to explore all its facets. And if the whole of nature is so diverse without any repetition, so it must be for human beings and for our hearts, feelings, personality types, and cultures. Nothing is ever repeated. Diversity and a rich diversity is the very purpose of evolution, to express oneness in an infinite diversity of possibilities. So on the one hand, you will find in human evolution a tendency to create unity. On the other hand, there will be a tendency to centrifuge outwards and break apart the unity. And both needs have their truths and both have their limitation. The centric tendency, which is pushing out, is because each one is unique and is meant to realize and express something unique, and so any attempt to force people together fails and people react after a point and fall apart. On the other hand, all of us are essentially identical in that oneness and therefore, there is something that pulls us all back into the oneness. And we experience this constant pull to come together and work as one on the other hand or push to separate out and express our uniqueness. In the overall movement of evolution, nature has created temporary identities or unities of family, tribe, group identity, of regions, nations, and, of course, species. All of these serve a purpose, but all of them can become suffocating beyond a point. We have tried to create human unity by creating artificial structures and forcing people into such patterns, and every time the human spirit rebels because such a unity suffocates uniqueness. What is needed--and that's the unity of the future-- is a unity in which each one knows oneness with all and yet is uniquely expressive of that oneness in absolute freedom. But because we are aligned and united at a deeper level, all our unique actions will automatically be in harmony and would never enter and conflict because we would all be connected on that essential level. So it is to such an essential oneness in consciousness, not of forms, that evolution is pushing us to. So a globalized culture can be truly helpful for evolution only if it accepts an extreme diversity of approaches. But a globalized culture that is homogeneous will harm evolution and would not be accepted by the human spirit, will be rejected in some form. That's part of the struggle that we are facing today.

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