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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Manchester giving lecture on spirituality 2 of 7

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“If you don’t have passionate love then even if you are a Muslim, you are an infidel and skeptic” Today those Muslims who have not got the passionate love of Allah in them, they by themselves are calling infidel and skeptic to one another. Muslims are calling infidels to one another! Isn't? One throws a bomb in other's mosque. (Upon asking) Why you do so? That he is an infidel and he throws a bomb on his mosque that he is an infidel, where as it is a Hadith (prophetic traditions) that if somebody accepts only The Kaba’ and he does not do anything else, he only accepts Kaba’, he also cannot be call an infidel. Since he accepts The Kaba’ so how can he be called 'infidel'? Now this knowledge was among chosen ones, it was not known to common people. these saints used to do was, those who became very close to them, through worship or through service, or in whichever way one who became closer to them, they used to tell these secrets to them. They used to do two types of bait! You would have heard that. One was common bait and the other was special bait. People having common (bait) were not told such things; they used to say that “the things of the specials cannot be told to common ones, after preparing payasam cannot be put before dogs” In common bait there was only (shariah) law, prayer and fasting, that's it. And in special bait there was this inner knowledge. Through common bait one maximum become a Mullah (cleric), and through this inner (knowledge) one become Wali/Saint, become friend of Allah, those who became friends of Allah they became through this inner knowledge. Now the Allah Almighty has opened it to everyone, (Allah said) that whoever the person is, either he offers prayers or not, having beard or not, younger or older, teach him and tell the method, thereafter We (Allah) will choose to whom We wish. Now! We cannot start Dhikr within your heart, we can only tell you, then in whomever He will wish, the chanting of the name of Allah will be started. Once the chanting of the name of Allah will be started in somebody we will understand that Allah likes him then we spiritual guide that person. Then Allah has granted us a spiritual power, through that spiritual power we will help him. When we will help him, he by himself will come to know how he has been helped. But those within whom Allah-Allah does not, this means Allah don’t wish them. Then what's our relevance with them? Neither we Bait nor we accept donations, what is our relation to him? If we built a relation with him, we built it for Allah. If Allah didn’t wish him, then we desist from him. Now among you, who knows whom Allah likes? It’s not so that Allah likes a person who offers many prayers. He might have been offering his prayers for bacchanalia (in paradise). It is not like that also that if one is a thief or robber and Allah won’t like him. It could be that the profession of this robber is robbery but the soul might be the same which was above (the one that loved Allah at primordial time). He may have been born in a house of a robber or in a house of infidel, but the soul is same which was above so maybe he makes a little practice and the chanting of the name of Allah get started within him. Once, chanting the name of Allah has been started, your vehicle has been started moving, this vehicle is turned towards Allah, and once your vehicle has turned towards Allah. Now at this stage your sins will become obstacle like stones for your vehicle. This vehicle with so many difficulties, will take too long to reach there. But along with this if you pray and do fast, so the path will become plane and it will reach very fast Otherwise in any case it has to reach its destination. Through this it will take time but with prayers and fasting and obeying Shariah, it will reach sooner. This is the knowledge which I’ve conveyed to you. But if you want, I tell you its detail as well. all are educated and wise. In Pakistan we don’t have many wise people; Those who were wise people have come here while others have become wise by coming here. When we tell them(Pakistani) something, they don’t understand, only 10% understand and 90% don’t and here (abroad) we have seen that 90% understand, 10% they don’t understand whereas these are away from the religion also and they (people in Pakistan), are religious still could not understand things about religion. If they could have understood what the religion says, then why today 72 sects would have been created? These regardless of being away from the religion, can understand what the religion says. Now! Whatever I told to you, it seemed to you as something very huge, whereas it is normal thing, in religion it is a small thing. Now who are you? first you should know who you are? You are nothing, you are only a structure. Almighty Allah has locked seven humans within you, these humans have nine servants. These humans are called Lataif (Spiritual entities) and their servants are called Jussa. Nine plus seven total sixteen entities are locked in this structure. When those entities exist, that structure ceases! This you accept, isn't it? They will be responsible for any kind of accountability? This structure/skeleton goes in the grave, there the bones decays and becomes dust. Now you keep on repairing this structure/skeleton, you take care of this! Isn't it? Those humans who are inside, you don’t take care of them, whereas they are the real things. This structure/skeleton is reliant to them, and those entities which are inside they are reliant on this structure. They are dependent upon one another. When Adam was made out of clay, Satan spit upon him, and that fell upon point of navel. thus it made a mark there, and with the germs of his spit! As with your germs a child is formed, with the germs of spit of Satan a dog was formed inside when that became a dog inside, that time BHULE SHAH said: “This polluted Nafs (self) has polluted us; we were not polluted from origin” That clay by which Allah created was clean, those souls were also clean but that dog which was formed by the spit which is called self, when it went in, it became unclean. For this it’s in a Hadith:“A house where there will be a dog, the angels of blessing will not come there” Now either it’s that house or this house (human body) until & unless that dog is inside you, neither any worship nor any holy thing is going to stay within you. Because a dog is inside there, when you will purify it, then polluted things will not be able to stay inside. Religions came for this Self/Nafs. What was the need of religions for those (souls), they were already purified things. What was there relation to hell? They were indeed heavenly. That Nafs/self which came within, the religions came only for that (nafs) your Holy Quran is also descended for this Nafs/Self. In the Quran it is repeatedly written clean this Nafs/Self, demolish it; if it cannot be purified then kill it. The threat has being given in the Quran. It is a knowledge, Nafs/Self has been threatened that you will be thrown into hell, then it has been given cupidity that if you will do good deeds, you will be granted paradise. This whole Quran came for the betterment of this Nelf/Self. Now if the betterment of your Self has been done then, it is also your betterment it will be the betterment of the whole of Muslims, thus all became equal! Isn’t it? But Allah had made seven heavens. After the betterment of Nafs/Self, when this Nafs/Self becomes purified, then there are more six humans inside, and then their knowledge came. This (apparent) knowledge is visible, it came through Quran and that knowledge transferred from chest to chest thus it is called inner knowledge. This (exoteric) knowledge was inherited by Scholars, and that (esoteric knowledge) was inherited by saints. After this knowledge of Qlab/heart came, it’s a creature which is called Qalb. If you want to have a prestigious position in heaven, then worship with your Qlab/heart. If you want to attain next stage, then worship with the soul/Ruh. If you want higher status to this, worship for DAR-E-ALSLAM, if you want next to this, worship for DAR-E-ALQARAR and if you want last/highest (paradise) if you want FARDOOS, pray with this Ana (spiritual entity located in forehead). By doing this your status will be increased, otherwise all are in one stage. All these stages are due to the humans present inside you. Then Allah made the connection of those humans with each heaven. Nafs/Self is related to this world. Now this Self has got the power, when you sleep at night it goes out of your body, through dreams, you find yourself moving among Satans. This is your Self, it has a satanic power. And then second creature is Qalb/heart, it doesn’t have a power. When you will give power (of Divine Light) to Qalb/heart, then this will also get out in dream, and it will go straight into the Malkoot (first realm). Thereafter if you give power to the soul, which will get out of this body and this will go straight in Jabroot (second realm)

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi giving talk on spirituality in Manchester, UK.

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