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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~15:16:31 - 15:31:32

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-Just go. -You can throw it! Memory, Memory, you caught her. Is that the book cover? They hurt her on her wound. -Stop fighting, don't be stupid. -Don't cry. No, I thought she hit the book cover! Which book cover? But she hits her like she's hitting a tree! Who wants to cry? Who is crying? My friend doesn't cry! Anyway... Simeon should start there. Hey Simeon, I'll fight back. Excuse me. Yes, Simeon! Okay buddy, come on... Come and suckle. Come and suckle. Alright guys... Did it fall? Give it to me! Just one! Here you go, Edith! I kicked you! I kicked you! No way! No way! You missed me! Can you throw it, Edith? No way! It's not true, Simeon, I kicked him! I won't accept that! -Can you shout "ooh"? Come on, say it! Too bad... He said "ooh" while he was running? Hey, the bricks didn't fall. You only say "ooh" after the bricks fall! What? But Edith, you didn't kick me. You just cheated. You didn't kick me with the ball... Throw it to me, Edith! Can you run after Edith? Edith! Can you stop that? Caroline, go and pack the plates. -Come, Naomi. -Come, we should take a photo. Edith! Go and pack the plates. Go and clean up the plates quickly, come back and join your friends in playing hide and seek. Lipwato, if he hasn't come yet then don't bring anything. -We're tired now. -Yes, we are. -Edith, get the plates first. -"Get the plates first." -Edith, come and give me a hand. -Oh, ok. Hey Siradu? Whose dress is this? It's Neva's. -It's Naomi's. -Is it Naomi's? -Edith, are you supposed to sew this cloth? -Sam, can you sit properly? They'll see you poking your hands in the pockets. Did you need corn? Even if you find the money? Exactly. Who's doing the laundry? Promise's mother. -This skirt. -It's Promise's. I'm not broke, get that? I thought there was another small pocket like this one. Get this and check inside. You'll find them there. There's 5 bucks! Wow! Edith, you took time to check. 5 bucks. Sunga, she says you should dress up with Bizwell. Go to the river, wash the plates, water the garden and then come back here. Let's go! Simeon, let's go for a bath. -Where from? -From the river. -Are you going to the well? No, they should go to the river. You want to take a bath? I thought they said we should play "fillerball"? -Yes, hide and seek! -So they should run really fast. -Hey, we should hide. -Hey, what about "Simon says"? It'll be tough now. Simon says! I've touched it! No, how many of you have touched it? Okay then, just stop. Simon says! Not all that time, then I quit. -Simon says! -Me! -All of us! -Simon says! I'm the spare one. -Come, I can use you. -The spare one! Get outta here! That's it Noel! I'm sorry. Sorry what? -What's in here? -Nsima. Edith, you should stop that! We won't eat it! No way! -She says stop! -Yes, we've heard! If they fall? Whites. Where are they? Nymwisa... Nyumwisa... She's still crying. Let's go draw some water. Lucky you. -Edith! -Yes! Go and tell Mercy. Okay, thanks. Simeon! -Simeon! -Yes! -I should get a drink. -She says you should stop that. -I know that. -I begged. -I also begged. -We all begged, didn't we? Where? When sleeping too. -Hey, is she going to the toilet too? -Yes, but.... -In the bathroom? -Yes, bathroom. -In the bathroom? -Hey, you... -What? -This can prick. Don't lose it. -No, they shouldn't lie. Let their will be fulfilled. Go and take it from your mother's bedroom. Get these others too and wash them so you don't have much work in the evening. -Look how bad the cloth is! -She says you should go and drop her off. I'll also get these. So are they taking turns? -Before they fall asleep... -They go outside first, right? Where does she sleep? -On that mat you just passed. -Can all 4 of them fit? -3... 2, 2! -Some of them sleep in that room. -Memory's explaining. -Memory, which two are you talking about? Memory, let's go. -Memory! Edith, let me get the pail. -Did you go to the well? -Why go there? -Go again so they can know the place. You haven't gone yet? We can play "mbobe"! -You might as well drink from here, right? -As you pass down from the village... Ndadala gave me the grasshopper and the pencil. -Why? -In exchange for the orange I gave her. -This looks like Doreen's pencil. We'll use the eraser, right Lola? -Sure. We can share. Do they really have to share? Look, if you need a pencil, let me know. Memory, can you pull out the thorn? I don't care whether you get that pencil or that one. I'll get mine. Wait, is it yours to dictate to us? Where are you going this time? This time, where you going now? Hey, hey... Noel, cutting the pencil will spoil it. You may use the pencil if you need it. I can use it too. If you need the eraser, you can use it. But no cutting it in two. If you bring the pencil, I'll bring the sharpener. -This place is good, there's enough light! -Here? Yes, it's good to photograph from here. Wow, Charles! He wants a lick. She says you can have a lick. -Where's the spoon? -You were about to cry. Yes, move backward! Who was about to cry? There's still some here for the one who was about to cry. Is that pepper? -No. -Yes Charles, he said... Is this your first time in front of a camera? If you need to be photographed, just tell me know. I'll take your picture. Did you pour some water? -You monkeys! -Did they pour water, Edith? -Yep. -Here's the plate. -You can do the rinsing. Are they taking photos right now? Is he giving answers forever, won't he collapse?

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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