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2008 bmw m3 review

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BMW kept the fans waiting for a long time Now he's back ..... the new M3 420hp, 0-62mph 4.8 seconds top speed 280km/h (174mph). Price 66,000 Euro stronger, faster and pricier that ever before but .... is it better? It all started with this one - the first M3 20 years ago Distinctive marks: big chops and a huge rear wing. Under the hood: 4 cylinders, 200hp, 0-100 6.7 seconds, almost 18,000 were built until 1991 The successor: Inconspicuous like a 320i had much more performance and for the first time 6 cylinders 286hp turned the super-3 into a ... Porsche killer the only M3 which was available as sedan with 4 doors beginning of year 2000: The third generation hi-reving 6 cylinder engine won the "Engine of the Year" 5 times 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds, 343hp, combined with ingenious sound and an amazing chassis. In the eyes of many, the best BMW ever. Until ... today The new M3 is supposed to do everything much better. Carbon roof, lots of aluminum, synthetic fenders. Thus the car loses weight and even more important, the wight is lowered Astonishing, the 4-liters V8 is even ligther than the predecessor's V6 besides the new M3 focuses on proven qualities. Instead of SMG there is a manual 6-speed with two-disk clutch this car belongs in one place - on .... the race track The Ascari Race Resort in Andalusia, maybe the world's most beautiful race track ... the perfect place to seriously "stress out" the scorching red M3 Our "torero" in the mother country of bullfighting ... is Autobild's editor, Dirk Branke Very nice engine, incredibly high-revving, direct steering, precisely responding lots of fun to drive. Also the gearbox is wonderful nobody will miss SMG here And the car handles wounderfully Drives very agilely, very handy, one feels the low weight. Noteworthy, the road handeling is very balanced. you can feel 50:50 axle distribution premium price gives you the M-Drive .... it lets you adjust the car, adjust the dampers, the engine characteristics and also the ESP You can also drive a very tight line. An experience, that's all I can say .... the legend lives on The experience is not only the engine or its unbelieveable performance, revs up to 8400rpm and it's insant but is based on the overall balance of the car. it's light, it's fast, it's unbelievably venomous: the M3 legend .... lives on!

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Posted by: dailycarvideos on Aug 15, 2007

2008 bmw m3 test drive

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