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Finding balance between inner development and daily life. Sadhguru

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If you pursue The path of self development or gain your potential through this path Then that can take a lifetime I want to find out what is the balance between trying to pursue my development versus doing something And finding that balance how do I go about figuring that out for me? Was that clear? yes yes Now when you talk about self development we're not talking about self-development here Self can not be developed what you are referring to as self cannot be developed it's not something that you can develop or you can put it down or anything it's just that it's being it's been lost you lost contact with it so getting in touch with it in case it takes a lifetime in case not necessarily in case it takes a life time how much time do I give for that and how much time to do other things ..what are the other things you do okay so the other things that you do in your life Will I have enough time for it you shouldn't do any other thing You understand everything everything that you do should be Towards enhancing your own nature now you doing family, you doing work, all these things you are doing, everything can be used as a spiritual process it is not that in 24hours time this many hours spirituality this many hours materialism and this many hours family Not like that every step every breath every moment of your existence can be used For your development of who you are so this is full time and in that what activity you wish to do you do whatever you want What is the problem because what we're talking about is of inner nature What the other things you're talking about external isn't it So externally you can be working in the office and still see this moment is inevitable you can be at home also and do it right so wherever you are, you can do it so what ever you are doing you're using everything as a process of growth everything so this does not mean doing yoga does not mean morning yoga evening yoga rest of the time you do stupid things Its 24hours yoga only yoga nothing else but yoga Whatever you do you make it into yoga every single act in your life you make it into a process of growth Only then it will work Part time spirituality doesn't work will this suck me away from my family Questioner: Or what else? all right now will this take me away from this or that not necessarily not at all because millions of people who have done the program all people who are involved in variety of activity just a handful of people are full-time into it because some people need to do it full-time yes suppose that I also pursue some other profession And you know only in my vacation I thought inner engineering you wouldn't be here today isn't it so few people take it up full time because they see that's three choice they want to do that and when you can go to the office and do software programming or management or something Why cant you go out and teach something it's not that you have to take it up I'm saying but for an individual person what is the problem somebody chooses that So only thing is, only criteria that may be disturbing people is they're not making money No no I will come that's not going to disturb you then no problem you doing what you want to do you either chose to go to this job or that job or that job isn't it so With Isha Yoga if you come Instead of working five days a week you'll end up working seven days a week that's the great change that you will have Because you will experience your whole life as a vacation you will learn to experience your work as vacation then You are always on vacation so will this take me away from something? this doesn't take you away from anything, it enhances Your life but If you choose to get it after some time you will retire from your job, isn't it? when you retire is a question of your choice isn't that so somebody goes out fishing somebody goes out meditating somebody goes out dancing somebody goes out drinking Its individual choices that they are making isn't it Right now unfortunately people like you whether up said because most of you I'm telling you Yes who are see most of you I am telling you are only first or second generation of educated people In your this thing you are just thrilled about few things That you have access to if you are tenth or fifteenth generation of the educated people in your family you would have to total disdain for education doing well and all this nonsense Yes? because you are only first or second generation of having access you think ..that's everything but your children wont think so you will see this the children won't think so because right from their childhood they've seen all this nonsense and it doesn't mean much to them when they grew up Yes? so what you choose is just individual choice isn't it Does doing this necessarily mean taking you away, people always ask me Sadhguru what is the mission?! So I jokingly tell them my mission is to plant undercover yogis so today I can I can very proudly say I have planted many people who are in the peak of yogic experience, but they're managing banks, they are managing corporations They're housewives. You know, they are undercover yogis Understand, they are not dressed like yogis. They don’t look like yogis but they are Experientially, they are very much yogis but under cover yeah So you want to be undercover yogi or over? Undercover that’s fine that’s my mission too no

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru how to find balance between every day life and pursuing self development. Sadhguru explains that everything you do in your life should be towards enhancing your own nature. (AO68)

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