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AFP editor Mark Anderson probes Bilderberg 2011

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Hello, welcome to ( I am AFP editor Mark Andersson and I am here outside hotel Suvreta in St. Moritz Switzerland. On the outskirts of town June 2011 for the anual Bilderberg meeting. And I am here in town with AFP colleague James P. Tucker and we are doing AFP's traditional coverage of Bilderberg, this year in the wake of our article, the most recent one, Countdown to Bilderberg in number 22 AFP year 2011. And we have learnd is on June 9, in climate weather, low hanging clouds have prevented some some of the Bilderberger attendees from getting here in a timely matter. Photographers are throughout the area and keep posts waiting for key politicians, media moguls, financial planners, bankers,... all sorts of the plutocratic elites that normally attend bilderberg. Waiting for them to show up to confirm certain people as arriving at this elitist confab. At any rate AFP is continuing to keep a close eye on this to monitor who shows up in that manner and future reports on this website and in our hardcopy version will detail the membership list of this years meeting. Somebody's names appeared in local papers and don't appear on the list that is published on-line and so we are citing many sources in person and through area media and trough all sorts of means to get a precise membership list... as precise as we can for this years meeting. And area media interestingly have been, like many European media, talking a lot about Bilderberg and they always outdo the american media who basically keep Bilderberg silent and black it out. But one thing that turned up this year that is a little bit different from past year with European media is that now they are starting to criticize anti-Bilderberg activists more. And its... the stories that are appearing in german speaking swiss papers have been refereing to anti-Bilderberg activists as conspiracy theorists, conspiracy coups and things like this. And publicising Bilderberg but downplaying its significance even while the Swiss president is attending and Swiss officials such as Barbara Janom Steiner a top cantonal police officer in this canton of Graub√ľnden. Even as she was asked to prevent the Bilderberg meeting this year 2011 she not only did not prevent Bilderberg from meeting in Switzerland she also is attending the Bilderberg meeting itself. So there is lots of ironies going on. Media coverage. Yet that media coverage is attacking the activists more then the Bilderberges themselves. And so we are contending wit these challenges even as we are trying to determine exactly who is here for Bilderberg 2011. So remember what David Rockefeller said. And he laid it out so we know what the truth is. He admitted that: "It would be impossible for us to develop our plan if we have been subjected to the lights of publicity during the many years of Bilderberg. But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march toward the world government... The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in the past centuries." And he thanked in that 1991 Bilderberg meeteing in Baden-Baden Germany when he said this he thanked the editors in top brass of: "the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications", as he put it, "whose directors have attended our Bilderberg meetings and respected their promises of discretion for..." four decades at that point in time. So mister Rockefeller said it himself, that the media, the big media, attend but don't report a word of it and this is about developing the world government, in his own words. So stay tuned here on for much more on Bilderberg and thanks to the Global Freedom Report for helping film this film segment. So we'll see you next time.

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AFP editor Mark Anderson probes Bilderberg 2011

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