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Hey, guys. My name is Michele Park. Welcome to PiYo 56. Today with me, I have Larisa and Holly. Now keep in mind, the person on this side of your screen will be doing the modifications and the options, but if you want to bump it up a notch, follow Holly. Here we go. Circle up. Open to your right, reach right arm, push down, reach left, push down. Circle again. Bend the knees, open the chest. Now rotate. How about that left arm reach? Reach, push down. Reach. You have two more. Big circle. Circle, and open. Right arm reach overhead. Reach. Good. Do that again. Now you can take your feet a little bit wider if you'd like, if that's more comfortable. Left arm reach. Right arm reach. You ready for a squat? Squat, lunge back. Right leg lunge back. Good, now keep it slow. Each time you do this squat, it can get a little bit deeper. Deal? You guys good with that? All right. Couple more. Squat, rear lunge. You have four more. Here we go. Little bit deeper now 'cause you're getting a little bit warmer. I think so. I think so. They're super quiet back there. Aren't you happy to be warming up? Switch legs. Here we go. One more time. Squat, rear lunge. Now the bowler, right leg. Two. You can lift the knee if you'd like. Hinge over, flat back. Bend and roll. Switch leg, left side. Down, and up. Hinge over, flat back. We're gonna do that again. Are you ready? Right leg, let's bowl. Down, and up. Hinge over, flat back. So good. You can get a little deeper now. Left leg. Are you ready, flat back, to do a creeper? I think so. Right side, let's creep. It's one, two, three. Tap in, same side. You have four on this side and then four on the other. Two more. Little deeper each time. Hands on the thighs, open the chest. Get ready to switch sides. Tap together. Switch sides. Woo-hoo-hoo! Same side. Do it again. Now, we're going long at the beginning, but in just a second, we're gonna cut everything in half. Open the chest. One more. Here we go. From the very beginning. Circle the arms. Open, rotate. Right arm reach. Left arm reach. Here we go. Circle, open. Circle, and open. Yeah, open up those legs a little. Reach. There you go. Here we go, squat. Right leg lunge. Squat again, left leg lunge. You've got two more. Perfect. I'm sure you're doing amazing. Ready for the bowler? Right leg, let's bowl. Down, and tap, hinge over, flat back. Keep your hands on your thighs, bend the knees and roll. Left leg. Down, and up. Hinge over, flat back. Bend and roll. Creeper to your right. Woo-hoo! Tap it in. One more on this side. You've got it. Little hesitation, switch sides. I like that little pause in the center. One more. Ready for the circle? Of course. Circle and open. Circle, and open. Rotate, reach right. Reach left. Here we go. And circle. Circle, and open. Rotate, reach left. Reach right. Let's squat and lunge. Again, lunge. Here we go. Deep squat, lunge left. Deep squat, lunge right. Are you getting a little lower in the lunge? I think we are. Here we go. Let's bowl. Right foot. Down. Remember, you can lift the knee if you'd like, hinge over, but you don't have to. No pressure there. Bend the knees, roll it up. Left leg, bowl. Down, and up. Hinge over, flat back. I'm gonna say it, you ready to get a little creepy? Here we go. I just had to. Tap in, do it again. Woo-hoo! Switch sides, a little hesitation. Can we do this one more time through? Let's do it again. Best one, last one. Circle. Circle, open, rotate. Reach right, reach left. Here we go. Let's circle. Circle, open, rotate. Reach left, reach right. Here we go. Let's squat, and lunge. Right leg lunges back. Yeah! You can get a little deeper in the squat 'cause I bet you're getting pretty warm. Right leg. One more. Left leg. Let's bowl. Here we go. Down, lift if you'd like. Hinge over, flat back. Bend and roll. Switch legs, left leg. Down, and up. Open the chest, hinge over. Last move, creeper, go. Down low, hands on the thighs. Tap in, do it again. This is it. Hesitate, switch sides. Open the chest, pull the shoulders back away from the ears, nice and tall when you come to the center. Yes! Great job. What do you say, let's build some heat? So Heat Building, you're gonna see prep work, then we're gonna do some slow sun salutations, speed it up, add in variations, and just start drenching in sweat, right? So, three moves I wanna show you guys, if you guys will join me, one is your windmill. With the windmill, you're gonna bend the right knee slightly, drop the right hand, and rotate. And your focus is really the rotation. As you get better at it, you can go a little bit lower. The other two things I wanna show you is one of them starts in plank 'cause we'll do a sun Sal to plank. And when we're here, you're gonna hear me say, "Walk it into beast." In, in, and back. And then you're gonna go out, out, in, in, and then fun stuff happens after that, right? Then, let's just stay here for a second. The next variation, we're actually going to be in downdog. And then you're gonna see double-knee pull forward, double-pulse back into single-leg downdog, and then of course, you pull through, come up, and all the fun stuff that happens here, okay? So that is it. I'm ready to start working the body some more. So let's do this. You are at the front of your mat. Feet are a comfortable distance apart, belly button drawn in, shoulders down and back. And, of course, we start with a smile, and we end with a smile. Here we go. Inhale up. Forward fold, half lift, step into plank, and then just settle there for a second. Relax, drop down to your knees, pick up your feet, pull your belly button in, get ready to pull those elbows a little closer to the rib cage. Two slow tricep push-ups. Excellent. Now remember, this is just the beginning of your workout. You don't need to go deep, but give me four quick. You don't have to go deep, but let's go quick, 'cause we are building some heat, right? Downdog and slow crouch. Bend those knees, keep the tailbone lifted, spread your fingertips. Those were your two slow, can we add in four quick please? Excellent. You guys look good. I can see you from this angle. Right foot outside your right hand. Lunge, and rotate open. So you've got that left hand reaching high. That would be your right hand. Hand comes down and drop your hips. Now as you're here, a little more stable with the hands down, we're adding a little bit more movement through those hips. Step back to plank and switch. Left foot forward, left hand up. Stack your shoulders on top of one another. Reach high through the fingertips. Drop that hand and give me a little more movement down and up. And again, you have so much ability to play here if you'd like. Go ahead and switch. We're gonna cut that in half. Right hand comes up, you're in that rotation. Now put that hand down. Drop, you can lift the toes if you'd like. Switch back, and go. Left hand, reach, put that hand down. Make it a promise to keep both hands down, and then we're just gonna switch legs. Right foot forward. Get a little more action. Get a little bit more movement. Excellent, you guys. Two more. But I'm gonna give you a little tip. The last one's gonna finish at the front of your mat. So get ready, get set. Come to the front, inhale up. Forward fold. Half lift, step into plank, and go ahead and drop down into chaturanga. Updog, and hold. On the tops of the feet, thighs off the ground, belly button in, chest forward. Now, curl you toes in downdog. You have time to hang out here. Feel free to bend the knees, press the opposite heel to the floor, paddle out the heels. Bend both knees, press both heels, whatever feels good, but it's almost over. Walk it to the front. Here we go with the sun Sal, just a traditional sun Sal for you. Half lift. Step into plank, drop down, chaturanga, breathe. Updog, open the chest. Downdog, tailbone high. Walk it in. Gosh, that felt good. Should we do it again? The answer is always yes, by the way. Half lift, step into plank. Straight down again for that chaturanga, elbows right by the ribs. Updog to downdog. Walk it in, remember that windmill. Right hand drops down, and go. Excellent. Focus on that rotation. Look up at the sky, at your fingertips, and switch. Excellent. All right, you guys ready for some variations? We should do it. Inhale all the way up. Exhale, fold. Half lift. We're going to plank here, and we're gonna walk in beast. So you're gonna go right, left, then out, out, in, in. And then downdog. That was fun. Walk it forward. Oh, hey, we should do it again. At your request, of course. Half lift, step into plank. And walk it in. Out, out, and then downdog. Walk it forward, let's hit those windmills again please. Right hand down, left fingertips up. Rotate, enjoy, switch, right here. Beautiful work, you guys. Okay, so I'm gonna give you one more variation, okay? Take a deep breath up, inhale. Exhale, fold. Perfect. Half lift. Let's hit that downdog right here. Now right knee pulls in, double pulse, lift up. Do that again. Double pulse, double lift. Right foot forward and come up into your lunge. Hands at the heart, bend that back knee. Ah, heart rate's going faster, right? Drop and hold. I'm starting to get warm, starting to get excited. Ready for more? Bring your feet in, take a deep breath. This is your last one. Make it great. Good. Half lift. Right into that downdog. Left knee, double pull in. And extend up. Double pull in, extend up, left foot forward, and come on up. Shoulders over hips, chest is open, back knee drops, and hold. Woo-hoo! All right, that felt amazing. Aha! Bring it all in and relax. Great job. Okay, so I'm thinking Lower Body, right? It's about that time. And, of course, as Michele pointed out, since she's on that side of the studio, on that side of that mat, she's gonna be doing the modifications. So, really simple, we have one transition move, four regular moves. Your transition move is just a squat. Don't really need to go over that, right? Your four moves are so fun. You're gonna take a lunge, slice the arm with lots of flare in this lower body. You can tap or lift, and then a squat. With that arm, slice if you'd like. Same move, angled. So you're gonna go— When you angle, your toes are gonna come up, tap or knee lift, squat, you're here. The next two moves, super challenging for balance. You're gonna go into a runner's balance, and a double knee. So there's a little pulsing going on there. And then ready, set... [exhales] Right? Your single-leg demi squat. So ready to do this! Good luck. Good luck. That balance is challenging. Stand somewhere where you're happy on your mat, feet are hip distance apart. You ready? Down and up with those squats. Awesome. Okay, so here's the deal. You're gonna see these squats like over and over and over and over again. So, every time you hit one, you go deeper, you go a little bit stronger, right? That's the whole point of repetition. Now let's hit that right side. You're gonna lunge, lift, and squat. Good. Now you're gonna see Michele, I have a feeling that she's not lifting that knee, yes? She's tapping. She's a little more stable on her feet. Holly and I are a little unstable. Take it back corner. So toes come up, and you sit. And here's the deal. You can start your movement a little bit smaller to begin with, and then once you get more comfortable with the range of motion, go bigger, get confident. Challenge, runner's balance, go. And lift. So here you are, right? Like a statue. Perfectly centered, perfectly focused, or maybe wobbling 'cause you're human. Perfect. All right, you guys, single heel press, go. So here's how I like to think about it. I'm like a little puppet master, I got a string attached to my knee, and I'm pushing it down. And lift, and press. Oh, hey, you're touching your heel 'cause you're modifying. Squat it out. Okay, round two, right? Now we know how to squat. Okay, we kind of always know how to squat, but I want you to sit a little deeper into your heels but always keep your chest up, eyes forward, shoulders back. Shall we go to the left side? Here we go. We slice, and lift, and squat, and lift, and slice, and lift. Now I'm saying it that way 'cause I want you to think slice, lift, squat, lift. One more time. You're amazing. Take that movement, angle it to the back corner, go. And up, good. You guys, are you getting winded? This is work. This is work. One more. All right, challenge your balance, runner's balance, go. And lift, amazing. Now, here's a little challenge for you. As you get better at it, bend your standing knee a little bit more, go a little deeper into your runner. And stand up a little taller with that knee. Single-heel press. Awesome. Chest up, little puppet master with that knee. Michele, you still touching the floor with your heel? Holly, are you? No. Good. All right, back to those squats. Here is the fun part. The squats stay the same, always eight. You're welcome. The rest of it, we cut it in half. And we work ourselves silly. You ready? You ready? Hit that right side. Slice, lunge, and lift. Down. Now here's the beauty of a workout with repetition. Go to the back corner. Once you know what you're doing, you have so much more fun with it. You feel confident, you feel strong and capable. Runner's balance, go. And lift, pull that knee up a little higher. Push it back a little further. Pull it up higher. Yes. Single-heel press, go. Whoo! I'm not wobbling, am I? Squat it out, go. That's 'cause you're unstable, Michele. I meant... I meant that in the best possible way. All right, two more. You guys are amazing. Let's go, left side. Lunge, and lift. Good. You're confident, right? You're going deeper, right? Hit that back corner, go. Are your toes coming up when you hit that back corner? Of course, they are. Runner's balance. And lift. Yes, this is one of my favorite moves. I don't know if you guys know that. Press back, press forward. Good. Stable. Better every time. Hey, do it all again. Squat. Okay, listen, this is your last round. You're like an expert in this lower body section now, so go, go deep. Press your heels down, squeeze your glutes. Tight bodies, right? That's what we're working for. Hips to that side. Lift tall, boom. You want to make it a little more dramatic? Give it that little pause at the top. Hit that back corner, go. Say cheese. Good. Do that again. You're amazing. Okay, let's go. Runner's balance, my favorite move. And lift. I don't know why I feel like a... a little wind-up doll. Press it forward. Is that even a good thing? Two more. All right, this is it. Squat and finish, strong. Are you sweating? You know what I hear them doing back there? [mimics panting] They're breathing hard, but they're trying to hide it. Two more, please. I love this. Hit that left side. Lunge, and lift. Good. Do it again. Only one not breathing hard is me, right? Just kidding. Good. All right, you guys, one more. Aw, this is our last runner's lunge, go. And lift. Push it back a little stronger. Pull it up a little higher, single-heel press. Now here's the deal. We're gonna finish off with squats. They're gonna be... the best eight squats you've ever done. Let's go. Down, and up. Push into your heels. Oh, I got serious, why? 'Cause they're the best squats I've ever done, just like you. Four more. Two more. Okay, now two more. Ah! Tada! Nice job, you guys. Are we done for the day? - Uh, no. - Oh, dang it! All right, you guys, rumor has it... Full-Body Fusion is kind of my favorite section, right? So, get ready, head to toe, full body. We start with PiYo push-ups, let's show them one. And listen to them and see if you can hear them when we come out of the PiYo push-up, just saying. We're gonna roll down, we're gonna walk out into a plank. You can be on your knees or your toes. Michele will be on her knees. We're gonna do three, we're just gonna pretend, three tricep push-up with the elbows close by. We're gonna walk the hands back, roll up, and we... - Bam! - Bam! Way to go, on cue. All right, second set stays down. So let's just go down to plank, ladies, and hang out here. Here are your four moves after your two PiYo push-ups. So you're in plank, and you're actually gonna then go into downdog. You're gonna settle there. Now, right leg's gonna come up and tap ankle twice. Boom. When you're ankle tapping, you're in a plank. Leg comes up to single dog, pulse twice. That's your first move. You're gonna take the foot forward into a lunge, to a tap. Listen, 'cause it's gonna be slow, then quick. Straight arm, straight leg, balance, again, to warrior III, but you're gonna move through it. Tip, and lift. Your last move. Heels comes up, bend the knees, go as low as you want. Keep the heels up, mountain. Listen, go to ball, stay there, listen for the rest. All right, let's do this. Do me the honor, of nailing this section 'cause this is my favorite. I don't know if you knew that. All right, shoulders back and down, feet together. Here we go, my friends, roll it down. Walk it out to plank. Three strong tricep push-ups, elbows are right by your ribs. You don't have to go deep, but you have to go strong and smart. Walk it back. Roll it up please. Squat, say it loud. - Bam! - Bam! Ah, roll it down. I like having back-up dancers. Drop it down. Excellent, you guys, keep those elbows close. Now remember, we're not getting back up. We're gonna stay in plank for a hot second, then we're going to go into downdog, right here. You ready? Right ankle tap, double tap, double lift. Double tap, double lift. Your right foot comes forward for a slow lunge. Come up. Excellent. Then two quick. You're down, up twice. Warrior III. Come up. So much challenge to your balance today, right? Heels up, ball. Go to mountain. Tall, heels stay up. Go to ball, stay there. Go from plank to downdog, double ankle. Remember, when your ankle taps, you are in a plank, and it's solid and strong. Right foot forward, slow and low. Come on in. Now speed it up. Down, up twice. You're good, you're good. Warrior III. Settle in, come up. Keep your hips pointed to the floor. Nice square hips on that. Woo-hoo! Ball, mountain, eyes up. Get back down. Go through downdog, double ankle, and lift, right? Hey, you guys look great, I can see you again. Right foot forward. Slow and low, come up as tall as you can. Do that again quick. Great job, you guys, Warrior III. Now, I'm gonna mess with you a little bit. I'm gonna play with you a little bit. We're gonna speed all of that up. Get down into ball. Come up into mountain, go to ball, stay there. Go to downdog. Are you ready? Ankle tap, hit it, and lift. Now quick lunges, twice. What happened to the slow? They went away. Warrior III, one time. So tip, strong, come back up stronger, ball, stay. Downdog. Ankle tap, and lift. Right foot forward, quick lunge. Hello, change of mind. Come back up, warrior III. And stand up taller than before. Ball, stay here, go to plank. Settle into your plank. You could drop to your knees. You could stay on your toes. You can rock and roll. You can take a nap, just kidding. Walk yourself back. Roll it up. Squat once, squat twice. Oh, roll it down, back to your PiYo push-ups. Walk it out. Three triceps push-ups. Did you know I was gonna do a bonus squat there? Walk it back please. Roll it up. Yup, my gift to you today. - Bam! - Ah, roll it down. I was waiting, I was waiting. Hold that, three tricep. Remember, you're not coming back up. That sounds so ominous. I mean, you will eventually come back up. Hold that plank, and then go to downdog. Ladies and gentlemen, everybody, ready. Ankle tap. And lift. Good, do it again. And lift. You're amazing, keep it up. Left foot forward, slow and low, get low, and stay slow. Now two quick. I'm sweating buckets. Warrior III. Come on up. Totally need to see that again. Come on. Lift your heels, go into ball. Come up, tall mountain, ball and stay. Through plank to downdog. Left foot ankle tap. And lift. I know. Do it again. Michele, you're such an amazing modifier. Left food forward. Lunge slow, and tap it up. Good. Do those quick. It's nice to have options though, isn't it? Warrior III. I know all three of us look different doing every single move as we should. We're three different bodies. Ball. And you've got to look different too, right? Go ahead and go down, stay down. Through plank to downdog, ankle tap. Holly's probably like levitating off the mat. Is that an advanced option? Just kidding. Left foot forward, slow and low. Tap it in, please. Two quick. I'm starting to drip sweat on my mat. Warrior III, that's my favorite, leaving a sweaty floor after PiYo, tells me I did good today. Get down into ball please. To mountain, go up tall, go back down. Go to downdog. Cut it in half, my friends, ankle tap. Lift. Left foot forward for those quick lunges. Say goodbye to the slow ones, right? - Bye, bye. - Bye, bye. Never see you again. Just one of these warrior IIIs. Get down into ball, stay there. Go to downdog. Last chance to make me proud. Let's go. And lift, left foot forward for those lunges, quick. Lunge, tap in twice. You are great. Stand up, go into ball, go to plank, stay in plank, hold it. What do you want to do? Knees, toes, rock and roll, whatever, right? Walk your hands back. Roll it up. I feel another bonus coming on. Squat one, squat two, and we're done. Nice job, you guys. All right, let's continue the sweat session with some Power, right? Remember, this is a three-minute cardio push, and this power is ridiculous. So, so much fun. Let me show you the four moves. The first move is a clockwork lunge, and you're gonna go forward first. So you just want to make sure that you land that lunge, knee over ankle. Start small, build your way once you gain confidence. Then you tap side, kind of angled, and then a nice deep lunge at the end. Okay, you do that obviously four times. The next move you're gonna do is a squat jump. You come parallel, you just squat, squat, it's two, and then jump. And, of course, Michele's gonna modify and keep her feet on the ground for low impact. Holly, she's probably gonna do a back flip, I'm not sure. Just kidding. Then we're gonna start, the last one you're gonna hear me say, "Don't jump!" You're gonna stay low so you can start the clockwork on the left leg. The last move is burpees with some modifications. So that's kind of it. Let's do it. It sounds like, what we do. Oh, just wait. So you should be somewhere in like the middle of your mat 'cause your first movement is going forward, right? Are you ready? Are you ready? Right foot forward, so you're gonna go lunge, tap, tap, and lunge. So again, when you go forward, watch that momentum. You want it there but you don't want to let the knee go forward, right? Stays over the ankle. Now for that double squat, squat, squat, and pulse, and lift. Now, I want you, whether you're jumping or not, to still explode out of the ground. Push out of the floor even if your feet never leave the floor. Stay down, left foot forward, go. Lunge, little tap, little tap, deeper lunge. Good. And here's the other thing, don't look down, there's nothing to see there. Keep your chest up, and that'll keep you in good form. By the way, this is only your first time through. All right, here we go with some burpees. Down, back, and lift. Good. Do it again. Down, and you'll see Michele modify. Are you jumping, Holly? One more. Bring your feet together, right foot forward. Go. Round two, second time through. One minute down, two to go. Again, deeper into that front lunge, your deepest lunge is your back lunge. You guys look great. Squat, squat. Explode. Explode. Beautiful. Remember, explode, you can keep your feet on the ground. Whatever works for you works for me. Now listen, stay low, left foot forward, go. You know when I get silent during Power, that's not a good sign. By the way, my legs are shaking. I have one more minute to go. Burpees, hit it. Down, back, in, and up. You guys look amazing. Two more. Remember, you're gonna bring your feet in together. Ready? Right foot forward. Last set, best set. Deep, tap, tap, and drop. Let me catch my breath. Here we go with that squat, squat. Explode, reach higher. Get lower, higher. So bossy during Power. Jeez! Good job, you guys. Remember to stay low right here. Left foot. Catch your breath. I know, how's the modifications, Michele? Are you still working hard? You guys, are you working hard? Of course, you are. Don't be silly. Burpees for the win. Again, again, again. Two more. Make them good, make them good. Last one, best one. Yes! Nice job. All right, guys, it's time to Flow. Two parts, eight moves, let's mark it through. The first move is a runner's lunge, so right foot forward, left foot back, come down low. Keep an eye on Larisa, she's gonna show you a lot of modifications, and then make sure to check out Holly 'cause she's gonna show you a couple ways to increase the intensity of this particular Flow. All right, so runner's lunge, and then you're gonna hold and then open into rotation. The second move, hand comes down, single-leg dog, I'll meet you there. All the way up in the air, take the right foot and just kind of tap it under, dropping the glutes. Leg comes all the way back up. And then you're gonna flip. So you can side plank or flip, now watch Holly. Let's do a couple, Holly. Good. Do another one. Everybody, single-leg dog. Ooh, did you see that? And then pull it all the way through, cross, open, pull, push. Your next set of moves, you're gonna crawl to the back, crawl to the front. Everything comes front. Triceps to three point. Dive down deep, extend the leg. Now watch Holly, do that again. All the way up, take that top leg, drop it down to supported, the arm comes up. One, two, three, four. And you're gonna thread. Now when you thread, when the arm comes down, the hips comes down. The last move, hand comes on the thigh, open the chest, you prep and you go to creeper. Lunge side, side. Now watch. Do it again, 'cause when we build it, the last time, you're just gonna tap. Tap, and crawl. - You ready? - Yup. All right, let's go. I love this Flow. It's very fun. When you're ready, let's get all the way down into that lunge. So just prep, push the hips down, you can drop the knee till we get to the very beginning. Here we go. Low runner's lunge. Now open that arm. Do that again. Sink low. Open the arm. Beautiful. Now Larisa's just staying in place, and that's perfect. The last one you're not gonna open. Single-leg dog. Tap that foot under, it's kind of like a sweep, right? Do that again. You have a couple more. Open the fingertips. Two more. One more time. Are you ready for that crazy flip? Hold it up and flip. Now I'm just gonna do a regular flip. Reach all the way up. Keep an eye on Miss Holly. Now you know you have options, right? Larisa's staying down in that side plank. One more. Single-leg dog, everybody. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open, pull, and push. Cross, open. Yeah. Now if I say that enough, will you know what to do with your arms? One more. Here we go, from that very first move. Low runner's. Open up to the side. Do that again. Single-leg dog here. Tap under, please. Another. Last time. Side plank or flip. Beautiful, Larisa. One more. Single-leg dog, everybody. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open, pull. Don't rush. Cross. We do it again. Here we go. Low runner's. Open if you'd like. One more. Single-leg dog. Let's tap under. - Are you guys still there? - Yes! Good. One more. All the way up, side plank or flip. Lift the hips, push through the hand. Single-leg dog, everybody. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open, pull, and push. We cut it down. Watch how it changes a little. Low lunge, single-leg dog. Tap it under. Come all the way up. Side plank or flip, back to single-leg. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open. We do it again. Low lunge. Single-leg. Tap it under. Back to single-leg. Side plank or flip. Single-leg. Pull through. You ready to move on? Here we go. Crawl to the back, to the front, stay deep, stay low. Unless you want to modify. Then feel free to watch Larisa, you can come up a little higher. Good. Doesn't matter where your feet are on the mat, everything to the front. Tricep three-point. Nice, reach. You see how Holly's lifting her arm? If you wanted to play around with that, you can kind of lift the fingers a little. One more. Hold it up, hold it up. Drop and gives us support. Reach, and then thread. Do you remember how I said when the arm comes down, the hips come down? Good. Almost. One more. Not on this time, hand comes on the thigh, open the chest, get ready to prep. Creeper lunge, side. Did you get it? Reach, reach. Again. When you reach, reach with the arm and the leg. Remember, the last time, you're gonna tap in. Last time, tap in, crawl to the back, and to the front. That gets really fun. All the way to the front. Tricep three point. Reach, extend. One more. Hold it up, hold it up. Drop and get support. I like to drop and say, "Get support." All the way up. Hand on the thigh, open the chest. Lunge side, side, side. Good. Good, good, good. Reach and extend, open the chest, you're just tapping in. Tap in, crawl to the back. And to the front. One more. Everything comes front. Tricep, three point. Beautiful. One more. Hold it up. Drop down to that supported bowler, hold, and thread. Again. Hand comes on the thigh, open the chest. Now lunge into creep, side, side, extend. Again. You're just tapping in, cutting it in half. Crawl to the back. Everything to the front. Tricep three point. Drop and get support. Don't thread, hand on the thigh. Open the chest, creeper. Just a tap, remember. Tap and crawl. To the front, everything, tricep three point. Yeah. Drop and get support. Don't thread, hand on the thigh. Lunge and creep. From the very beginning. Take that foot back. Low lunge. Single-leg dog. Tap under, beautiful. Back up, side plank of flip. Single-leg. Pull through that lunge, cross. Open, pull, crawl back. Everything to the front. Tricep three point. Yeah. Hold it. Drop and get support. Hand on the thigh, open the chest. Lunge. One more time. Lunge. Single-leg dog. Tap under. Beautiful. Nice long lines. Side plank or flip. Single-leg. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open, crawl to the back. Everything to the front. Tricep three point, this is it. Drop and get support. Hand on the thigh, open the chest, lunge. You got it. Tap in. Beautiful. Now, catch your breath, grab some water. Towel down. We'll do it on the other side. Left foot comes forward. Right foot comes back, just settle. You can drop the knee to prep, sink a little deeper. Here we go. If your knee's down, lift it up. Open up to the side. Again. Are you sweating a little? Be honest. Or are you sweating a lot? Be honest. One more. Single-leg dog. Left leg comes up high. Now tap it under. Back up. Again. Are you reaching and extending through that foot? Are you pushing down through the fingers and not just the palm of your hand? Yeah, hold it up. Side plank or flip. Lift the hips. Nice, Holly. Oh, gosh, if I could do this the whole time, I could see you. Look so good. I so wish I was doing that with you. One more. Single-leg dog, everybody. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open, pull and push. Cross, open, pull. You see how the lunge goes high? And the arms kind of dictate the depth. You got it, you ready? Low lunge, cut it in half. Open up. Low lunge. Single-leg dog. Tap it under please. Back up. How about another? Back up, side plank or flip. You have choices. Remember, you're on the blade of the foot and the ball. Single-leg dog, everybody. Pull through that lunge, it's cross, open, pull, deep, open. I know, me too. Low lunge. Open up. Low lunge again. Single-leg dog. Tap it under. Try straight leg, beautiful. One more. All the way up. Side plank or flip. I love the flip. One more. Single-leg dog. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open, don't rush, you got it. Cross. We cut it in half. Low lunge. Single-leg dog. Tap under, single-leg dog. Side plank or flip. Single-leg dog, pull through that lunge. Cross, open. We do it again. Single-leg, tap under, all the way back up to single-leg. Side plank, flip. All the way through. Cross. You ready? Crawl to the back. To the front. Kind of settle, take the glutes down, open the chest. Catch your breath. Couple more. Everything to the front. Tricep, three point. Now watch Holly. Beautiful. Holly, is that difficult? Would you say challenging? Lift the fingers if you'd like. You're gonna hold it up, hold it up. Drop into supported bowl. Hands come down, and thread. All the way up, and thread. All the way up. When you thread, the hips drop. Hand on the thigh, open the chest, readjust, prep, and creep. Side. Extend, and really reach. Stick the glutes out a little bit more, it's okay to lunge back. One more. You're just gonna tap. Tap, creep to the back. To the front, to the back, everything front. Tricep, three point. Push, push, push. One more. Hold it up, drop into supported, so hold and thread. Again, hand comes on the thigh. Open the chest, lunge side, side, side. Beautiful. Extend, do that again. Get ready to tap. Tap it in, crawl to the back. To the front, one more. All the way to the front. Tricep three point. Good. Another. So amazing, drop and get support. Hand threads. Hips drop right, hand on the thigh. Open the chest, lunge. So use your hand to support yourself and push off. Get ready. Cut it in half. Tap, crawl to the back. Everything to the front. Tricep, three point. Hold it. Drop into support. Hand on thigh, open the chest, lunge side, let's creep. Tapping in, ready? Tap in, crawl. Everything to the front. Tricep, three point. Come on, you got it. Hold it. Drop, get some support. Hand comes down, open the chest. Lunge side. From the very beginning. Tap it in, lunge back. Single-leg dog. Tap under. Back up, side plank or flip. Single-leg. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open. Crawl to the back. Everything to the front. Tricep, three point. Come on, push, push, you're so close. Drop and support. Hand comes on the thigh, open the chest, lunge. One more time. Lunge back. Single-leg dog. Tap it under, open it back up. Side plank or flip. Single-leg. Pull through that lunge, cross, open. Here we go. Finish, crawl. Everything to the front. Tricep, three point. Hold it up, hold it up. Drop and support. Hand on the thigh, open the chest, lunge. Nice, tap in, tap in. Holy moly! Great job, catch your breath again. Towel down, grab water. Should we go through Flow Fusion? Yeah. So, Flow Fusion is this optional section, right? It's like a magical section. And you put Flow Right and Flow Left together. So we're gonna do at 16 counts. Are you ready? All right, here we go. We've got a little time here. The transition is the part that I really want you to focus on, and I'll help you with that. Right leg forward, left leg back. Deep lunge, open it all the way up. Deep lunge, single-leg dog. Tap under, back up, open the fingertips. One more. All the way up, single-leg, side plank or flip. Yeah, you have another. Do that again. You can lift the hips. Single-leg dog, everybody. Pull through that lunge, cross, open, pull, and push. Crawl to the back, crawl to the front, to the back again. Everything comes to the front. Tricep, three point. Push that leg up. One more. Now hold it up. Drop and support it. One, two, three, four. Hips drop, arm drops. One more. Hand on the thigh, open the chest. Creeper, lunge. Now, you're gonna transition to the other side. Are you ready? Are you ready? Step in, left leg goes back. Hold, and open. Did I say left leg? I meant right. Single-leg dog. Tap it under. I was testing you. How did you do? One more. Single-leg dog. Side plank or flip. Push the hips up, reach through the fingertips. Single-leg dog, everybody. Pull through that lunge. Cross, open, hold. Cross, open, crawl to the back. And to the front. Go deep through the hips. Open the chest. Everything faces the front. Tricep, three point. Push. Nice. One more. Hold it up. Drop into supported. One, two, three, four. And thread. All the way up. Hand on the thigh, open the chest, lunge side to side, that creeper. Now let's pretend we were gonna do it again. You ready? Step in, switch legs. You would lunge back, and start from the very beginning. Great job. All right, it's time for Core and More. Three parts, couple of different moves in each part. Let's mark them through. So our first move is a squat and an attitude, and we like to call it, "squattitude." So I think you should embrace that name. We're gonna squat out to the side, squat, and then lift to attitude. Squat, attitude. We do it again, squat, attitude. Now watch, squat, zigzag. Holly is gonna go down deep. Squat, zigzag. You step back together, your transition is a sun salutation, then we take it to the next part. All the way down, let's go to single-leg dog. Right leg comes up in the air, bend the knee, flex the foot, take that right knee, double knee crunch to the elbow. One, two. And then lift. Two, two. That's your first move. Second move, come to plank, knee drop. That's all it is. Open the fingertips, pull the shoulders away from the ears, and stabilize. Drop to your knees. Oh, the transition is a child. Drop to your knees, roll to your back. Snow angels. All the way down, knees into the chest, hands reach for the ankles, and then they come up, nice and wide. And watch Larisa for the modifications. You can also do one arm and one knee. All right, pull the knees all the way in. Are you ready? Let's comes up. Time for squattitude. Woo-hoo! I like the dancing. Remember the squattitude. You got to have a little attitude with your squattitude. Here we go. Out to the side. And lift. Deep, and lift. Deep, and lift. So you've got a nice wide squat. Glutes down, chest up. Down, and lift. Two more. Remember that squat zigzag? Here we go. Squat zigzag. Squat, zigzag. Keep it on the right side. Zigzag, squat. Now because we've stepped out to the right, we're gonna keep it on the right side, but don't worry. When we go over to the left, we get to do it on the left side. See how my legs are moving the whole time? One more time. Fan it up. Inhale. Hinge forward, half lift. Release, relax, hold it. Bend the right knee a little. Bend the left knee a little. Bend both knees a lot. Come into a little ball. Roll it all the way up. Squat attitude, other side. Squat, attitude. Squat, attitude. Hey, there's a little balance going on there. You got to squat, and hesitate. Squat, and hold. One more time. Squat, zigzag. Squat, zigzag. Squat, zigzag. Keep low. Do not release the legs. Keep the body low, pull the shoulders back. Pull the belly button in. You've got it. Open up the chest. Step together, fan it up. Transition to the next part, you ready? Half lift. Release, relax. Bend the right knee a little, bend the left knee a little. Bend both knees, step or hop back to plank. Downdog, right leg high. Flex the knee, bend the foot. Double crunch, double, and then lift. Yeah. Now you really got to control that because you're coming into a plank position, right? You got a lot of other things going on though. So really lift and lengthen through that leg. Here's your next move. Knee drops. Drop, and lift. You can come down to your knees. You can come down to your elbows. You got to open up the chest. Think about lengthening through the top of the head. Push down through the fingertips. You've got a break after this. We got you. One more. Drop into child. Knees down, relax, relax. Take a break. Take a moment, 'cause you got to do it again. Walk the hands out, curl the toes under, push into downdog. Settle. Left leg high, here we go. Double crunch. Crunch, and lift. Are you flexing the foot? Say yes. Are you bending the knees? Say absolutely. Two more. You know when that left leg comes in, you can push down on that left hand a little bit more. Just a little trick just to help you out. Plank, knee drop. Down, and up. One long line from the top of the head all the way out through the toes. Glutes can be a little bit high, but try to get them even. You've got a couple more. Two more. Last one. Down into child. Release, relax. You're not here very long. Roll the body up. Have a seat on the glutes. Take the feet out in front of you. All the way down, all the way on your back, knees come to 90 degrees. Hands reach to the feet. And then sweep the arms up. Up, and down. Do me a favor? Look through the inner thighs. Yeah? And if you need to challenge yourself a little bit more, watch Holly, her legs might be going a little lower. Watch Larisa for modifications. Here we go. Single-leg, right or left, now four quick. One, two, three. Slow it down. Does it really matter what leg— speed it up, you start with? Mm-hm, nope. You got it, because we're gonna even it out. Speed up. Good. One more slow. Speed it up. Drop the knees to either side and just relax. How are you guys doing? Drop your knees to the other side and just relax. We do it again. Now, those are your own personal snow angels. Develop them and build them however you'd like. Knees together. Reach, here we go. Ankle. You know, in California, we don't really get a lot of snow. So if I'm doing the snow angel incorrectly, you just let me know. Four more. Reach. Two more. Last one. Single-leg stretch. Now speed it up. Four, three, two. Slow it down. Speed it up. I love this Core and More. And by the way, did I tell you, Holly really begged for some hard Core and More stuff. One more time. So you can blame her. Speed it up. Pull the knees into the chest. Drop them to the side. Beautiful. Let the body go. How about switching them to the other side? Core and More was so good. Don't go anywhere yet. Pull the knees into the chest. Roll the body up. I don't know about you, I say we have a Stretch and Strength section next. What do you think? All right, to your feet. Now Stretch and Strength. Your feet are gonna go wide. We'll mark you through the first section and then we'll kind of just go with it because remember, the stretches are long, and you have time, but I really like to show you the first move. It's called a traveling supported bowler. So hinge the body over. You'll start here, you'll lunge to the side. You'll open the chest, you'll take the leg that is extended, go behind. Deep, push through the back heel, use the hands for support, use the hands to travel side to side. Switch sides, and hold. Now you'll watch, Larisa's gonna do things a little bit different. She's gonna come up a little bit higher and maybe not go down as low, she'll put a hand on the thigh as well. Holly and I will put both hands down. And you'll see we'll each have different hand positions as we transfer side to side. All right, here we go. Now in Stretch and Strength, we really kind of, you know, like to bump it up a little bit so that you can really feel the flexibility. You know that a muscle that's flexible is 25 percent more effective in everyday life. So take advantage of this section. I know sometimes we like to try to rush through it. Release, relax the head. I'm not gonna see you for a second. Do me a favor, release the shoulders, kind of let the hips go side to side. They might be uneven. Try to negotiate that. All you're gonna do is lunge it to the right. Now drop the hips down. You can come up high. You can come down low. You can come down very low, but you have to have support. Okie-doke? Open the chest, sink deep. That traveling supported bowler's first. Ready? Your left leg's gonna go behind. Let's travel and hold. Hold, and travel. Switch sides. Open the chest. Switch sides. Two more. Now if staying down there is a little bit too challenging, keep an eye on Larisa, she's gonna help you out with that. You're gonna stay in the center. Stay center. Forward fold. That was fun. Can we do that again? Of course. Now even though you're down here, still pull your shoulders away from your ears. Again, play around with those hips, play around with the feet, pull the belly button in towards your spine. Release, relax. Let's go ahead and lunge it to the left. Sink down deep. Open the chest. Sometimes, your right and your left are not the same, right? Sometimes you're a little bit more flexible on one side. So if you need to come up higher, come up higher. Sink down deep. You've got it. Right leg's gonna come behind. Let's travel and hold. Stay here. Travel to the other side. Deep with that back foot, push through the heel. Switch sides. And do you see how my hips are moving just a little? You don't have to do that. You can stay solid and strong and not move. You're gonna stay in the center now. Stay center, and hold. Bend your knees and roll the body up. Bring the feet together. Take that right foot forward and sit. Now bring the body up, find your balance, quadricep stretch. Don't go anywhere. Take the foot forward again. Cut it in half. Quadricep stretch. Maybe this is all you can do right here. That's great, do that again. Hamstring, open the chest, and then the quadricep. Beautiful. Side lunge. Lunge, and tap. So now we're going straight into that Strength section. Lunge, and bowl. You tap in between. Lunge, and tap, and bowl, and tap. One more time. Ready? Left foot, hamstring hold. Do you like it? Thank goodness. All the way up. Balance, quadricep stretch. Hold, hold, take your time. Shoulders away from the ears. Hamstring. One side's gonna be better than the other, I can already tell you. All the way back up. Good. All the way back down. Hamstring, sit deep, lift the tailbone to the sky, open the chest. Take it back up, quadricep. Side lunge tap. Lunge, now bowl. You can get deep. Guess what? Because you've been working out for about, what? Forty-five minutes, 50 minutes so far, you're ready for these. Two more. Lunge, and tap, bowl, and tap. Lunge, and tap. Come back center. Release, relax. Do me a favor, take the left leg back. Runner's lunge, deep through the hips. Drop the knee, customize it. Make it work for you. You can rotate. You can lift the knee. Plant both hands down. Guess what? Stay here a little bit longer. And if you want— I've seen some people try to do a split here. Don't do it, Holly. She can do it though. She's amazing. Don't do it, Larisa. For sure, don't do it. Our strength move is a beast to downdog, moving beast to downdog. Open the fingertips, walk to plank, and go to beast. Beast. And then downdog, and then beast. Open the fingertips, knees are right under the hips, downdog. Two more, please. Pull the shoulders away from the ears. Great, great. One more. Downdog. Left leg comes forward in that runner's lunge. And sink. Again, just like you did on the other side, customize it. Make it work for you. Everybody's gonna look different. You look to the person beside you, you look the person behind you, in front of you, everybody's gonna look different and you should. Now my knee is down on this side, but I think for the second part of the stretch, I'm gonna lift it up. Yeah, I'm gonna push through the heel. I might even wrap. Gosh, I can wrap. Not like rap, like a rapper, like rap. But I can wrap my hand. You don't want to hear me rap. Like I don't know. All right, I'll try. Hand comes down. Go to plank, and beast. And downdog. And beast please. And downdog. Are you pushing out through the hands? Is your back as flat as it can be? Downdog. One more. Are the knees right under the hips? Downdog. Good, release, relax, all the way down. Great job. All right, you guys did so good. That was so much fun. It's time to cool down. Pull your shoulders back. Pull your belly button in. Yes, we're standing. I love standing Cooldowns. Pull your shoulders back. Nice long length through the top of your head. Holly's very happy. All you're gonna do is take the right arm and sweep it across the body. Here we go. And switch. Good. Take it overhead. Good. Switch sides. Do me a huge favor. Interlock the fingers, round the back. Take the hands behind the head, open the chest. Do that again. Interlock. Behind the chest. We're gonna do that one more time. Right arm sweeps, make it a little bigger now. Left arm. Overhead. There can be a little bit of dramatic movement. There's nothing wrong with that. Here we go, interlock the fingers, round. Open the chest. Good, one more time. We're just gonna squat and roll up. Roll slow, slow. Do that again. Squat and roll. Take the right foot, place it forward in a hamstring stretch. You can take the left foot back a little bit if you'd like. Open up the chest. Great job. Come together, squat and roll again. Squat, and roll. Take full advantage of this. Do not rush it. Take the left foot forward, take that right foot back just a little and sit down. Lift the toe, tailbone, chin, and chest. Ready to just fan the arms up? Step together, fan the arms up, inhale. All the way back down. Good. Rotate to your right and just hold. Look over your shoulder a little. Hello, Larisa. Come back center. Fan it up. All the way down. Good. Look over the shoulder. Beautiful. Forward fold and release. Good. Lengthen the back of the legs, bend the knees and roll it up. Take the right arm overhead like you have... It's like a big circle. And switch. Did you ever play that game with the little monkey arms? What's that game called? Where they kind of hooked arms? Hinge forward, release. I don't know the name, I'll figure it out, I promise. Release, relax, release the head. Bend the knees a little. Take advantage, roll it back up. Right arm goes overhead again, reach. Reach, and switch. Reach. Two more. One more time, best time. Hands come down, release, relax. Thank you guys so much for joining us today. Thank you, Larisa. Thank you, Holly. They're amazing. We'll see you next time. Now you can be the one to offer the mind-blowing results of this total-body conditioning class. Become a P90X LIVE Instructor. You'll teach everything from resistance and bodyweight training to cardio, ab work, and more. 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