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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Part 9

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Then there are signs today that say "Drive carefully, school children crossing". Well, we have a pavement that looks like two combs... ...when the kid presses the button to cross the street... ... the pavement turns up like that so no car can hit a kid. You understand what I'm getting at? Not a sign, be nice, be kind, be careful. No, you build it in the city system. If your blood vessels depended on you, you're going to go upstairs so you speed up your heart so you can go upstairs. That's what an automobile is like today, they're very dumb. Automobiles have no intelligence at all. If your car veers to the right either your tyre pressure is uneven Or somethings wrong with the steering wheel. But when a human being goes wrong, they put him in jail. There's something in the environment that made him that way. Well what kind of environment would make a serial killer? There was a doctor named Worthen, most of you have never heard of him. He wrote a book called "Show of violence" Showing where, what makes these people the way they are. And here's what they found out about...same thing as Jeffry Dahmer, you know who Jeffry Dahmer was? He's the guy that cut off heads, put them in the refrigerator, ate them. Went to bars, get another guy, to come up to his apartment. He'd put drugs in their drink and they'd pass out and he'd cut 'em up. Now, what's the matter with this guy? Nothings the matter with him. He was brought up in an environment that was warped. Now let me explain that to you. When he was about three years old, four years old to be exact... ...perhaps a little older, he was touching his private parts. His mother was an old time baptist and she said... "You're gonna burn in hell for touching that part of your body And that kid began to tremble. You'll burn eternally! You'll get the worst of Satan's treatment! And the kid was scared. And the mother said, at two in the morning he was screaming. And she came in the room and stuck needles into his genitals because he didn't want to go to hell. And he used to take minority kids into the woods and try and to cut their genitals off to keep them from going to hell. What do you think they do when we get mad at the japanese? They show you a japanese with crooked teeth, bayonetting a pregnant woman and pulling the bayonet up... ...enlistment goes up 75%. You have to show them as evil people to get enlistment high. So that's all you do is you run movies and show japanese gang raping a white woman, in Samoa, where else? But they do that. The japanese are just like us, some good, some evil, some commit crimes more so. They're not that different, people aren't that different... have the same kind of crimes all over the world. But what makes them that way? That's what this doctor wanted to know... we can raise people without that type of experience. So they don't become what you call aberrant in their behaviour. Aberrant behaviour is generated Now, I can't think of the guys name immediately but... ...Jeffry Dahmer, when he was a kid he was a loner. And he'd pick up animals that were run over by a Mac truck, that was exciting to him. You know there's some kids around thirteen that know nothing about sex.. ...and the building catches fire, it's so exciting, they have an orgasm. And so they create fire and have an orgasm. And some men are brought up like I said, in the south Pacific islands. Everybody walked around nude. That's sixty five years ago when I was there. I don't know what it's like today, too remote. And I never saw a native stare at a females body... ...that was brought up where everybody walked around in the nude. They swam nude when they were little kids. So looking at a female body had no meaning at all. They look at the girls eyes when they talk. In this country, or any civilised one... ...they're always looking at the tits, the butt, the belly, the legs. 'Cos the camara, in Hollywood, moves in on the cleavage part, you know Then it moves on to the girl walking. And if you say what [xxx?] men are, that isn't how they are. That's how they're made by this culture. So, when guys say "Hey, get a load of that chick!" They're talking about their culture. If you're brought up in the south Pacific islands... ...nobody ever says "Hey get a load of that." 'Cos they've seen nude women just everyday. So it meant nothing And if you try to sell 'em a picture, a book with pictures of nude women... ...they say "What would I want with that?" You understand that? So all of your attitudes are shaped by culture. So don't look at men as bad or good, that's the way they're brought up. Ok? Now, there are some men that become excited if women are wearing underthings before they have sex. "I want her to wear lacy stuff". Where the hell did they get that from? Some movie, or book or magazine, that's where they get it. So, in the south sea islands, the natives made love on the beach sometimes. They didn't have to do it privately. And they stroked the whole person They placed two hands on the girl and stroked the whole person. They had no fetishes. There are no tit men, no leg men, no ass men... ...they stroke the whole female. Just as you stroke a dog. When you stroke them, you stroke the whole dog, you don't stop at the balls. You stroke the whole dog. You know what I mean? [xxx?] Abnormal behaviour. Normal to what? Who sets up what normal is, or what right is, or wrong? In the Arab world the guy may have fifteen wives... ...and they all get along with each other. Here in this country we have one wife and we don't get along. So they think their system is good. You can't say you should only have one wife. If nine wives want to live with you, if you don't force it... ...or nine men want to live, and you like that, that's fine. So long as you don't force anybody else into your value system. But there's no right, no wrong, no good, no bad. People are shaped by culture. If you learn that, in the future when you hold a book and you can't see the lettering...'ll become darker. And you put it closer, the lettering will get larger. You understand? The books will be smart. So when you have medical books in the future, they'll be updated by laser beam. So, instead of you getting a new magazine every month as in "What's new?"... ...There'd be a section in your medical book that tells you what's new. Unless you press hold if you don't wanna change. When you walk out of your room in the future, the lights go out automatically. Don't need to turn them out. All the airconditioning goes off. Now the electric companies won't like that at all. You understand? There's not a single thing you can do that somebody won't hate you for. A lot of people will hate me. Not for the Venus Project, for what they think the Venus Project is about. They think it's about a lot of scientists in grey. You, will work in area D! You area K! That's what they picture. That's not the Venus Project at all That's their own projections. If you want to know about the Venus project, ask me about it. But there's no authority in it. And the doctors are responsable for the health of everybody. And if the health drops below a certain standard, they go back to school. They're not punished. Yes? -We have a question here. -Thank you. I have a question about the things you say about the future. For example, if a scientist has one theory that will solve some sort of problem. And another scientist has another theory for the same problem... ...wouldn't that create conflict between the scientists? For example, Einstein has continuously had to defend his theories. Ok. All scientific theories are put to test. And they stop speculating about the "Big Bang" as how it all started. Some scientists believe that. Well, what was there the day before the "Big Bang"? And they say light is the only thing that has a constant speed. But say light is attracted to the black hole, so it couldn't have a constant speed. If it's attracted into the black hole. They say all matter is attracted to the black hole. So you see, scientists have theories. So you have in a book, it says... "This is one theory, this is another theory, this is another theory, which ever you accept. Or you say "I'm going to hold it in advance, I think it's too early to accept any of those points of view. We don't know enough about it.

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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Part 9

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