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System Demon - Wisdom demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demons - Wisdom Demon Hi this is the wisdom system demon ok wisdom has been the most greatly abused word in the manifestation within- man of course I am saying also that is the most abused word because I am a system many systems would say that: Manifestation the most abused word because it is suppose all words are the most abused words in existence so let's look at wisdom an old man- sitting on a chair, child comes up to him asking for advice old man said to child: Child, I am wise, I have been the trial and tribulation of this world I have been through the experiences and I've fallen and I made mistakes and from that! I have derived wisdom I am transferring my wisdom to you by saying: Don't do that! it is wise not to do that because I have gone and experience the falling the mistake the frustrations- etc. now apparently that defined as wisdom ok let me just definition of wisdom currently in the world is the following: you fucked up your entire Life, you made mistakes most of your Life you are not proud of your Life, you didn't do great on your Life you've- you learned! through all those fucked up mistakes disasters and you are grateful for them because why? they've made you wise they've made you realized one thing you will not do that again, but you know what your Life is only so long so what is the chances- of such occurrences ever again occurring in your world? apparently have learned lessons now, you have learned the lesson what was that? lessons that you would never do that again obviously and you apparently learned something new about yourself no! all that has happened is the following: your Life has been a preprogrammed to be a fuck up in the first place you experience lessons as 'fate' apparently that you have to go through according to past Life experiences then you- that 'I have learned something new about myself' I had awakened with this wisdom it's a system implant inside that you believe: the justification for the reason! for the why your Life is such a fuck up why you had to go through all your disasters and- so that when you have children you can further! justified the reason your Life was such a fuck up by presenting that wisdom to the younger race of the world by saying to them: Persons this was my hard Life, it was difficult I was through many trials and tribulations my whole Life was in regret in shame was a definition of a fuck up, but you know what- I pull through it I have the wisdom to present now to you, the wisdom of my experience so that you don't have to go through it no I went through it and that you justify your entire experience by saying, giving it 'purpose' what is that purpose? by presenting your apparent wisdom you have experienced as a system that was implanted inside you in the first place justifying your Life is a fuck up to the children that's what wisdom, it's beautiful (laugh) so, that is me the wisdom demon system inside human beings if ever! you have trial and tribulations in your Life which apparently presented you with a awakening of source that you apparently learn something now you know why from the experience that's me, the wisdom system inside you using justification reason for why your Life must be, and must have been a fuck up purpose is also is just a system please everything is built systems upon systems inside human beings I'm one of them so children, now I'm not going to give that make sense they might- ok this is the wisdom system demon thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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