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rav_berg_rosh_hoshanah_how you get rid of satan - Brazil Centre

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What do we do on Rosh Hashanah? What are we doing on Rosh Hashanah? Trying to destroy what? Kra Satan So people think: "Oh, that evil guy!" To achieve Binah conscience, you have to have what kind of counsciouness? what? (Kra?) What does that mean? You have to be, you want to be connected with the Light. You don't want to be connected with the process Satan is the process. So what do we do on Rosh Hashanah? Want to break the stranglehold: Satan. What is his stranglehold? What are we doing with the Shofar? What are we doing? Breaking judgment. Satan did such a number on us for 2,000 years, it's not funny. Was he telling us break the din (judgement), oh you know what's gonna happen? You know you stole last year, now come the new year, you're gonna have to pay for it. You know what you did last year? Oh judgment, how can we break the judgment? How can we break that judgment? How do you break the judgment? You blow a Shofar, you break the judgment. You really believe that? Who believes that? Who really believes that? Nobody believes it. So do why they still come? Well there's something inside ... I never understood why people go to a Synagogue well high Holidays, even today like I've said you go to the beach in Tel Aviv on Rosh Hashanah, it's full. Not everybody goes anymore, Not everybody goes Rosh Hashanah anymore. Used to be like that. Now people have become so convinced that ... you know, that's better, better they should be on the beach then come into a Synagogue and walk out empty like Rabbi Shimon said. What was the purpose? Isn't it better he should go to the Synagogue? Well, yeah!! You might say it's still better because when the time comes, when he gets the realization, it won't be difficult for him to come back to a Synagogue. Ok, like Rashi says People put on Tefilim outside of Israel doing nothing, he says. But, when we all go back to Israel since you have to be in Israel, it's the only place you can make your connections. So he says you put it on when you go back to Israel it won't be difficult. How do you put this thing, it will be so clumsy and so on, so it's a good preparation. So I guess there's people who still go Rosh Hashanah, still maybe there's a worth while purpose. So when the time comes, when they understand what Rosh Hashanah is about so it won't be too difficult to walk in to a ... you know, they won't have a block .. ok! I shouldn't completely dismiss going to the Synagogue on Rosh Hashanah. But in any event, what are we doing? We are breaking that stranglehold. That's the only problem? When you break the stranglehold of Satan, but you have to know what is doing, you break that strangle .. the Shofar is a method, by which we can break the din. What is din? but you stole , did bad things that chas v'shalom can now be placed upon me in the day of judgment. And the answer is no! When you break that stranglehold of illusion, when you break that power that Satan has over us then he has no more power over us. What is he coming with? What we did and so on and so forth. I destroyed him. That's what it means! We destroyed the prosecutor attorney but what is the process? The fact that I will not be judged for the evil that I did the previous year is not because I blew the Shofar, it's because I've got rid of Satan. How do we get rid of Satan? By getting rid of the stranglehold that Satan has over us.

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rav_berg_rosh_hoshanah_how you get rid of satan

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