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Life Inc. Dispatch 01: Crisis as Opportunity

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Life Inc. Dispatch 01: CRISIS AS OPPORTUNITY The temptation is to create a great anti-corporatist movement. To get our name on the website: "that is the one that takes down the whole thing". To go to burning man or join in the Obama campaign or find the big thing that is gonna bring all this down. And that whole terrain of big things that whole playing field is the corporate playing field. The object of the game is not to create another big entity that is gonna take down those big entities, but to get off that landscape altogether and start engaging with one and other in small ways. To actually experience the satisfaction of doing something together with another person or two, rather than the fame and ego gratification of taking down some big bad guy. You know, they love that. There is nothing that would empower coporations more, than for us to accept them as real and as the dragons that actually have to be slayed. The beauty of a crashing economy is that the dragons are slaying themselves. The banks are asleep at the wheel, they are all concerned with their own survival. And as we lose our jobs, as we lose our investments we are actually forced to start to look towards one another and ourselves for what value we can create. Whether that is developing a local currency or buying from a community supported agriculture farmer instead of from a path mark. Whether it is figuring out how to make public schools better, rather than earning enough to send your kid to private school. We are being forced to embrace the real world that corporatism really can never address.

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Producer: Douglas Rushkoff
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Posted by: julius on Sep 9, 2010

Douglas Rushkoff is the author of ten books on media, technology, and society, including Cyberia, Media Virus, Coercion, Nothing Sacred, Get Back in the Box, and the novel Ecstasy Club. He made the PBS Frontline documentaries Merchants of Cool, The Persuaders, and the upcoming Digital Nation. He is the host of the WFMU radio show The MediaSquat, and he will be teaching the New School University this Fall.

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