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Free and Easy YouTube Captioning

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Hi YouTube, I'm anikinippon And I am here to tell you the easiest, free way, to caption your videos I'm not talking about saving it to a text file No, all you have to do is go to What you do is, set up your account, upload your video to the website What you do is, you can transcript, transcript it from what second to whatever second you want it at If you want to get into details, you can edit that later Like, point whatever second, you can edit that too, later on It's the easiest way to do it, and it's FREE All you have to do after you are done, is save the transcript and download it to your hard drive as an .srt file, and 3 other types, you can also look at it as a text [document] And you can also save it as a text so if you wanted to add it to something else or edit it later, thats all you would have to do AND you can add that same transcript to YouTube for 100% Free! After you are done transcripting and you want to add your captions to your YouTube video All you have to do is go to your video and "edit" "subtitles and captions" and upload your .srt file and it's right there And it's really simple and really easy, and it benefits everbody It's alot easier and saves you alot of time rather than typing it all in a .txt format or in a notepad Like everyone shows you "type in the time, type in the 1..." no you don't have to do all that No, this is all completely free and it's a really easy way to go And I encourage everyone to caption their videos There's alot of deaf people out there and I think it's a benefit that you are able to caption your own videos So, anyways, thats my thoughts on it, thank you!

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Posted by: anikinippon on Apr 19, 2009

No more going line by line in a text file!

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