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Jacque Fresco on Religion - Earth 2.0 (Repository)

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My name is Jacque Fresco. I'm Project Director of The Venus Project, in Venus, Florida. Religion. In the old days, people could not account for natural events. They didn't know where all this came from so they assumed it was a guy that lived up in the sky that made all of these things. He made the Earth, I think he took six days. On the seventh day, he rested. If it took six days, it means that it was turning while he was making it, 'cause you couldn't have a day. And that must have been a pretty rough day, doing it while it's turning. And then he made a man and a woman, put 'em in a beautiful garden. Then he made a snake, which walked upright. And said, you know, "Do terrible things." And the people eat of the fruit of knowledge, and they ate the fruit and he kicked them out. First, he made the snake to tempt them. I don't understand this all loving, all benevolent being that loves everybody and then he creates the plague and other diseases when he gets angry. And then, if you don't follow the teachings, all the religious teachings, you burn in hell. -Burn in hell- And that sounded to me like a psychopath, not god. But I'm mixed up when they tell me, "God loves everybody", then he creates the plague where children die. And I say, "How come the children die?" "Because the children shall suffer for the sins of the parents." This is not a just god. It's a man-made god. So when you ask me whether I believe in god, not the concepts of god I've heard. Earth2.0 - Coming soon

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Duration: 2 minutes and 14 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Mark Waters
Director: Frank Da Silva
Views: 314
Posted by: ltiofficial on Mar 8, 2011

A short snippet from the film originally captured for the Earth 2.0 movie.

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