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Aquaponics Aquarium

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If you knew about it, ....would you not do everything possible to protect your family from food poisoning ? Of course you would ! We all want to protect ourselves ..and those we love. Then take a moment and consider these facts. In order to stock supermarket shelves with what looks like healthy greens, the farmers have laced the very cells of the vegetables they sell with chemicals, which increase farm productivity but poison unsuspecting consumers. These substances slowly but surely accumulate in our bodies and weaken our immune system ...our ability to fight disease. It's not a quick death, which would be easy to identify but it's lethal nonetheless. In order to avoid the responsibility for harmful physiological effects, lawmakers, and often the medical establishment, therefore, seize the opportunity to attribute both the symptoms and the ultimate result to other causes. But to contest that , we know for certain, that Costa Rica leads the world, in the application of harmful pesticides and fertilizers at 18 kg per hectare . The resulting health evil is intolerable for thinking consumers. As individuals, can we arrest this insanity ? It's difficult to change anything at the source of the problem. Therefore, as a part of the solution consider some form of urban gardening - growing some of your own food matter how small the space. An Aquaponics Aquarium right in your own home a good start. It won't supply all of the vegetables and fish you need but it will raise your awareness and your dedication to shop organically and to be consistent about taking responsibility for your personal health and that of your family. For more on how you can enjoy organic vegetables, and edible , or tropical fish from an aquaponics aquarium Call me ! at 8372 2218 , or write , [email protected]

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Posted by: voyageur on Dec 16, 2017

A promotional video for some form of urban gardening that eliminates the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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