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Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer Review

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[Music Playing..............♪♫♪♫] The Behringer X32 digital mixer was a revolution in digital mixing at a value price. The X32 Compact is one of the latest Behringer mixers to come out, and what I wanted to do is refer you to our video on the X32 as far as the specific operation of an X32 digital mixer. Because the X32 Compact is identical to the X32 in every way from a functional standpoint. The number of inputs have changed. In other words, there are 8 fewer inputs. This one has 16 inputs rather than 32, and 8 outputs rather than 16 outputs. But the operation, the functionality, the core of the X32 is in the X32 Compact.

The X32 Compact has 8 controls on the front, or input faders, and you do those in banks: 1 through 8, 9 through 16, you've seen this in a number of digital consoles, 17 through 24 and 25 through 32. Whereas the X32 has 16 faders, this one has 8 faders. The rest of it in terms of EQ and everything is the same. You still have the scribble strips, which is really cool. You can put the designators on here. You can see and label the channels, and you've got the 7-inch display. You have a little bit less machine control over here. But for most people that's not a problem.

The Compact is less expensive than the X32 as well. So you can save a little bit of money by having fewer of the moving faders. Look at how fast these faders move. This is very very incredible in a very compact package. So, if 8 inputs on the front of your board, in terms of 8 faders, in four banks will do the job for you, then the X32 Compact Is the way to go. It will still plug in using AES 50. You can still get up to 150 channels using digital networking into the board. But remember you have 16 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs. The rest is all digital. Again, if that fits for you, the <a href="">X32 Compact</a> is a tremendous value in a digital mixer. [Music Playing..................♪♫♪♫]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Nov 18, 2013

Ron Simonson reviews the Behringer X32 Compact Mixer. Discover how you can get all the operations and functionality of the larger Behringer X32 mixer at a fraction of the price with a Behringer X32 compact. With fewer faders and inputs, it's perfect if you are working with smaller groups in smaller spaces.

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