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Animal Assisted Therapy Aleks Zawisza

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Hello, my name is Aleks and this is Doug My intervention is on animal-assisted play therapy The problem is that he feels stressed out a lot of pressure from work wedding with my wife He does a lot of activities Can you explain to me what kind of problem you're experiencing now? Stress from work and wedding Saving money too What are some ways you could save money? Find another way to buy food and spend my money wisely What are some examples? budget better So what are ways to save money in your opinion? look for coupons you said you're stressed out from work? Yes What kind of stressors? A lot of projects and meeting high expectations What's your work like again? I work with blind people so that creates more stress How so? I have to work with people who can't see Wow that's tough that takes a toll on your stress sometimes I can't sleep too What can you do to solve that? That, I don't know Maybe you can set up a time to sleep early? Yeah I tried Have you tried to work on it? That's why I'm starting now Well can you try to do that before your next visit? Yeah true I can Can we agree on that you will try to sleep early? Yes Around what time do you think... Nine... but I sleep around ten or eleven, I don't know What I would suggest for you is to sleep at... You said you tend to sleep around eleven, so ten... That would be better Ten o'clock then as nights go on Then you can start to sleep at nine Yeah as each night you should sleep from ten to nine-thirty to nine eventually So on a scale of one to ten how stressed do you feel? nine Nine? Oh wow Are you fine with having our therapy dog here joining us? To help relieve your stress and help your anxiety Sure I love dogs Ok so he will be out here for few minutes so you guys can play Sure Ok let's see him (Hey Dallas!) Here are some toys Do you have a pet at home? yes, yes Does he help out with your stress at home? Yes it helps when he tries to sleep with me! It makes me sleep better! See he wants a lot of attention from you Do you feel like you get enough attention from him? Yeah Or maybe not? I don't know Seems like a lot of attention Cute dog! So your dog, does he make you feel safe? Yes that's why man's best friend is a dog So how is your health? If I sleep better, I will feel better Right so... How about exercise? Yeah that helps What do you do to exercise? Sports How are you involved? Baseball, basketball, soccer Do you get any support from your teams? Any friends? Yeah I gained some friends So those friends, you're saying that they enhance your life? Yes, friends are one of the most important things in life Hey come here! That means he likes you right? Does your dog make you feel flattered? Yes and make you feel more happy How did you feel before your dog? Lonely sometimes Oh lonely Dog helps yeah Do you feel more pressure because you have to take care of him And pay... Yes but important when he's happy, I'm happy Right, so his quality of life is your quality of life Would you like to see some tricks? I can show you some Okay I will show you Hey sit! Come here! Sit High five! Would you like to try? Hey sit Sit High five! Spin! Nice job! Smart dog! Having a smart dog can help with with your Deafness How could it help you? More attention More alert Gives you that personal safety Come here! Go get it! Get it! How do you feel on a scale of one to ten compared with before? I think you said nine right? Now six, much better What do you think made it that way? Him How did he make things better? Dogs, it's dogs Nothing better to say So when he's sick, you feel sick too in an upset way right? Yes and that he can make you happy more and you can socialize by seeing other dog walkers Meet new people meet new people right I suggest that you go out on trails or something like that and meet new people so take out your dog and greet other dogs when you see them or to come here and see our dog here okay that's all the time we have for today so next time we will talk about your sleeping schedule and if it improved sounds good I think you can go ahead and sign out with our secretary here So I will see you next time Go ahead say bye! Bye! Go say bye!

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