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Lara Aragón - Magaluf, Spain - Short video (Global Lives Project, 2013)

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Come on, we are running late. My name is Virgen Maria Aragon although my artistic name is Lara. I'm 42 years old, have two kids, live in Madrid and work as a clown. We are the eighth generation of clowns, artists and musicians in the Aragon family. We are parents, siblings, grandparents, nephews, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and uncles. I've always said that I've been the daughter of a clown all my life, then I became a clown myself, and now I am the mother of a clown. Great, there are a lot of people, more than the circus can hold. We'll see how we can make them fit. If I had to say what has been the greatest challenge I've ever faced, it would be being a female clown. Because how do you throw a cake to a girl? How is she meant to handle a slap? How does a girl fall on stage? How? The same way I do everyday. Just by dressing up as a clown and doing it the other way around. I'm the one who slaps people. I'm the one who trips them up. I'm the one who pranks the boys. May I have some popcorn? What are you doing? Not there, use a bag Gaby! Don't use that. There you go, thanks, thanks. In the dressing room it's Gaby, Pimpoyo and me. We plan what we will do. If we keep the same sketch or if we will change it. Or, for example, in summer, we need more miming and less dialogue, because otherwise tourists who come to the circus won't be able to understand the acts and won't enjoy the show. In spring, we fly and fly and fly. Once the show is over, we get changed. We're usually pretty tired, because after the show, we spend about an hour signing autographs and talking to the audience. And later on, I'm just like any other housewife. I go back to my dressing room to get changed, prepare for the next day, and then go home to cook dinner for my family. Who wants to have some of this pizza? We travel approximately 25 weeks per year. If you ask me how many kilometers we travel I wouldn't know. If my husband was here, he would know the exact number because of the odometer in the car. The journey from Ibiza to Menorca, for example, took 22 hours by boat. It should have taken an hour and a half or two hours but we have to go the long way because our big trailers wouldn't fit in a smaller boat. Day-to-day life is complicated. What would be a small town, a residential area or an apartment block, we have to move every week to a new location. You always do it with the same people. If there is an issue, you have to put up with it because you have to go on stage and dance with that person. Or joke around with that person and that person has to do so with you. It is a difficult lifestyle because your job is to make people laugh. You may be broken inside but the audience has paid a ticket to see you. That's often the situation.

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Views: 267
Posted by: globallives on Oct 9, 2013

A short video of Global Lives Project's "Lives in Transit" series, Lara Aragón, a circus performer in Magaluf, Spain.

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