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Ambatana: Benefizkonzert am 05.11.2016 in Altötting

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Since March 2014, the organisation Ambatana e.V. has been established with its seat in Tüßling, Germany. Lena Loidl and Verena Donislreiter founded the organisation together. Currently, the organisation is planning a charity concert with several different artists. We have organised a charity concert before which was a really nice event. It took place last year in winter. And because it worked out so well, we wanted to organise one again. A nice evening to everyone! We are Ambatana e.V. and we would like to explain briefly what we are doing. "Ambatana" is Kiswahili and means "Solidarity" which is exactly what is important to us in our partnership with YISOG. YISOG supports children in Kenya and is headed by Father Tito who hosts more than 20 orphans in his private home. Besides covering their basic needs and enabling them to go to school, we also support children from the Maasai area. The priest we collaborate with is regularly in touch with us. He has sent us a message this morning - to the Ambatana team and all guests of the concert. I would like to read it out to you because I really appreciate these words from Father Tito. Many greetings from YISOG from Kenya! Although we are miles and miles apart, although we have never met and may never meet in the future, although large seas and oceans, dry lands, thick forests, and deserts are between us, although we may not be of the same skin colour, we are grateful that you still dedicate your time, energy and resources to people who live on the other side of the world. Especially to those who struggle to make ends meet, to ensure their education, food security, medical care and much more. Despite the great distance, we really feel as if we were part of this concert. Many thanks to all of you! God bless you. I would like to thank again all our guests tonight, thanks to our Ambatana team and volunteers who helped us - at the entrance or in the planning process. Verena is not here tonight - is this on the movie? - I would also like to thank Verena for helping in organising this concert even though she is currently in Cambodia working there. Many thanks also to Hans Salfer for the flyer print, to Tammy for the flyer design. My sincere thanks also to the artists who performed for free, some of them coming a long way, and contributed to this nice evening. Also, many thanks to Rainer for the location. My warmest thanks!

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Posted by: ambatana on Jan 2, 2017

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