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During heying time, a car would come to take them tothe fields and they would sing on the way to and on the way back. Yes, I sang everytime She had a big plait. She said she felt sorrow for when she was brought here she had her hair in a big plait like that, a very big plait, and they just cut it off completely. She said she cried very much over it because she thought she'd never have one like that again. She was heavy hearted because they cut her beautiful long hair off. (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) it's Russian way of seeing it the longer the plait... (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) Our Mother has a scar on her leg, a big one... You were mowing grass with grass-hooks... when wolves attacked. It was in Malinovka, a pack of wolves, hungry wolves so they were running away and the grass-hooks were everywhere on the ground and she impaled herself upon a grass-hook. She has a big [scar] and her blood was everywhere and they wound it up and now she a scar, a big scar. (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) Mama, do you remember when you stubbed yourself on a grass-hook? What leg is your scar on? Here or here? I forgot where I have it... You can see it well. Well... Here in Yakutia we have a lot of different animals. Bears, wolves... When we lived in Bordoe, when I was a child I remember bears simply would [come]... Well... our village was small.. I can say that there were foxes... and not to mention about hares. So, wolves, foxes and bears... were like village mates... they were at close quarters... (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) Is it far from here? - Well, Bordoe is 5 km from here (translation) It's an island. There used to be a camp. There are some houses left, no there used to be houses. but now there is nothing there. In 2001 yes, in 2001 it was the ice floating period and that island was fully displaced by the ice drift, all the houses everything, all the people had to be evacuated by a helicopter. (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation)

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