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May Allah be pleased with him.. there is a difference of opinion about that. I Said karbala was a political war. I avoided this question intentionally because i don't want clash between different sects maximum it can be said that there is difference of opinion. and Yazeed RA May Allah be pleased with him and said that karabala was a political war to avoid question this is my nature that i dont want fray. now that program was broadcasting live world wide. you already know in pakistan there is problem of shia sunni so that was telecasted live in pakistan Now what is happening that peace tv is promoting and as peace TV is promoting, many muslims who were following wrong Islam started to follow right Islam So many peoples's religion bussiness is shutting down. so many people try to catch zakir on anything so that they can uproar against him. so there is specific sect in muslim, i dont want to take its name, they say that zakir made mistake by saing Yazeed may Allah be pleased with him so people came out in pakistan and said that zakir made mistake now we agitate against him they dont know by the grace of Allah when I know bible and vedah shouldnt i know about islam??? So they made conspiracy against me that Zakir praised killer of Hazrat Hussain R.A. I didnt said this at all. they are saying that by themselves. Like media they are also getting far away from Islam, a sect i dont want to name it they are doing the samething. I only said Yazeed Allah be pleased with him, difference of opinion and Karabal was a political war. Hazrat Hussain R.A, we repect Him , we love Him, they are the grandson of Allah's Prophet SAW, i can not preach His killers ever at all but these people who want to create fitna among muslims, these are small sects of muslims who are aberrant from Islam so what they think that every time they curse Yazeed. Even ordinary muslim also dont know truth they assume that Yazeed Rehmatullah Alaih was culprit that is our misconception but even i didnt said this also, why i make dispute among muslims so i avoided that question thats my way. (person from audience started arguing with zakir naik) see this he call him self muslim question answer session is going on i didnt completed my answer, this is what that happened, cannot digest things.... So that was my answer he is trusting others on internet same as we understand islam on cnn and bbc we trusting internet stuff related to me. This really sad thing. i have my video recoreded of that event. I challenged everyone! when I preach non Muslim Christians Jewish Hindus, shouldn't i have knowledge about Quran o Hadith?? But! I avoid, intentionally despite of knowing truth .... I can explain full history about that... now i am telling you small part of part of that because time is short I can give lecture to prove my version but i avoided the question. As far as this question is concern regarded Yazeed Rehmatullah... there is hadith of Muhammad SAW in Sahih Bukhari that who ever takes part in Constantinople war will go to jannah and Yazeed Rehmatullah was leader in that this small sect doesnt follow Sahih Bukhari.... they dont have faith in bukhari .... if you dont obey Allah's prophet's SAW hadees then you go your way....but I love and obey Allah's Prophet SAW... there is verse in Quran "Obey Allah and Obey Messenger SAW" ..... i dont have any fear by the grace of ALLAH.... Allah is there to prevent ..... Allah's Prophet SAW reaveals that who ever fight in Constantinople war they enter jannah... and Yazeed Rehmatullah not just only took part in that war but he was a leader in that. if u read explanation of Ibn hajr of Sahih Bukhari when someone is jannati then how can i curse him thats why this misguided group curse him all the time and its is sad that ordinarry muslim also curse Yazeed RA all the time thats why what they have done, they collected fatwas against me from variuos places.. thats why this group whose religious business now getting close, doing agitation against me .... all know that when I come out for my programs... my all programs schedule is on internet, i have said this thing on 2nd december, 2 weeks they kept silence, didnt spoke anything. E-mails consistantly receiving from pakistan during that span.. even till then nothing happened. i went to mahesh nagar on 16 december.. they begin agitation on 17th december. i returned back on 25th december, met police commissioner then all agitation was stopped. they want to stop me from going anywhere. By the grace of Allah not only muslims but non-muslims all respect me i do dawah among them in mumbai so why to fear with small thing. I have trust on ALLAH neither on police nor on commissioner. it is help from Allah as i arrive to mumbai all agitation stopped that groups challeged me to debate with them.. their leader was named as kirmani. i said to them organize in that ground and i will argue at this topic that whether can we say rehmatullah to yazeed or not if you are unable to come then let me know i will sent my student to you to argue on this topic Many people wants to dabate and argue with me so that they may get fame. and many non-muslims say "Dr. Zakir Naik i want to debate with you" because that want to be broadcasted on several channels, so non-muslims also want this If you can gather 10,000 people then i am ready for dabate. hire that hall in london whose capacity is 25000, hire that hall. i am ready for argument with you Ordinary muslim listens that yazeed is cursed every moharram. I didnt curse him .. i only make dua for him.. and there is hadith of Allah's prophet that if you make dua for anyone assuming him a good person but if person was not good then ALLAH will not fulfill that dua... there is no sin on you.. But if you sent curse to good person according to Allah's Prophet SAW, that curse will returned back to you so for suppose if yazeed RA was not a good person and i make dua my mistake (that is not my mistake mashAllah) then this dua will not be fullfilled. no sins on me.

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