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My name is Sideki Hikashino, im 25 years old. Its been seven years since i started working on karakuri with my father. Karkuri is japans tradition it self and its a crystalization for Japan technology. It involves western clockwork technology. And from there on, japanese people developed their own and made it into automaton. Its about 200-300 years old. The craftsmen of the Edo period wanted to show their skills. And thats why they made the karakuri. People would be impressed and think that shop must be amazing. That is what i heard. What fascinates me about karakuri is that has the power to astonish. And moves people with its motion that this is minimal amount of energy. This is automaton is called step-karakuri. Controling weight balance is its most difficult aspects. If its a fraction too light, it will not go down, if too heavy it´ll go down too fast or fall over. it is difficult, but when i succeed, it makes me extremely happy. Just like this, if flips over beautifully like that, i feel happy. Today robot technology derives from karakuri. Toyota has a robot that carries something and then automatically returns it to you. This robot has copied karakuri tech and it runs without electricity. You find traces of karakuri in this robots. I dont want to lose what my father has left to me. Im gonna start collecting too, i´ll be letting the next generation know that in the past, there used to be something like this. It would be a pity if karakuri dies out in my generation. I wanna keep on passing it down and that´ll make me happy. That is why i´ll continue what i do.

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Posted by: tarou on Sep 27, 2011

Ancient beginings of robot building traditions of japan.

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