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Video Coaching_FINAL_SM Event_SUBS

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What technology has done and being able to get video have done for our players is it gets them information quicker so that they can go out and be successful on the field. [NetApp] [Denver Broncos] [The Data Storage Provider of the Denver Broncos] How we utilize technology in the coaching side of things has changed dramatically. You used to give guys papers and notebooks and DVDs of video. That's not the way that they learn anymore. The tablet project was really a culmination between football operations, coaching staff, and then the video and IT side driving the technology forward. IT supports the football side of the house by running the video and playbook data down to the tablets. Accessing video with speed is the most critical part of our week. At the end of the day, the studying of the tape and who knows their opponent better is the team that's going to go and play better. Our system is set up to where as soon as they are connected to a wifi it automatically starts to download. They're able to watch practice immediately after practice, so many times, they'll correct mistakes as fast as I'm getting to correct a mistake with them. Our video people do a tremendous job of getting us the game film on the flight home. They're watching the game tape on a tablet just like we are, and they want to know what they did wrong on this play or that play. It creates a situation where we're all more committed because it's much more accessible. It's really all about time— they get thinking about plays and working with the players, and so my goal is to give them time back. Our playbooks and our football video and college video and the scouting— all of that is stored on NetApp. NetApp is really the foundation. As coaches, it has saved us a ton of time, and the information has allowed us to have better conversations because the players are watching more, they're studying more. They like seeing the video. Just like their cleats do, just like nutrition does, the technology and the tablet system has greatly enhanced players' ability to play better. Anything that you present to your players is a tool for them to learn and a tool for them to improve their game, hopefully giving us a competitive advantage. The things we ask them to do are difficult, and the volume of information that we require them to know is difficult. So the technology allows them to manage that, and lets them go be great and play this game that we all love being a part of. [NetApp] [Denver Broncos] [The Data Storage Provider of the Denver Broncos]

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Video Coaching_FINAL_SM Event_SUBS

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