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A stranger's act of kindness goes viral

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Shoper's act of kindness goes viral. The act that happen at Target store at Oregon sparked a string of good deeds. Erica Nockland explains... "It was a man, his wife and their small child..." Deborah Durall was looking for inspiration. "I was feeling really really down." [cashier's desks beeping] By the time she left work last Wednesday, she'd found it. "But I cried all the way home and I just thanked the Lord." "It was register 11, just a normal night, a little slow..." a customer's credit card was denied, that bill then quietly paid by a stranger. "I'm like... 'it's a lot, it's $161.85'...." and she said: "That's OK. I've needed help before and I wanna help them." The generous stranger left before the family did. It was Debora's job to tell them: "...Your debt is totally paid in full. The wife, she started tearing up... she goes: 'Why would anybody do that for me? It really touched me.'" It inspired that struggling family, too, and the kindness began to spread. He looks at me and he goes: "You know what, I didn't have enough for my bill, but I have a 20 dollar bill and I'm going to pay that for her. She ended up giving me the money that she was going to spend. The next person came through the line, which I believe was the two teenage girls. They're teenagers! And what would I would have done as a teenager? Score! I wouldn't have thought of passing it on to the next person, but they did it. The money left over from that - $11.51 - went on to yet another person. Debora decided to share the story with her Facebook friends and posted it to the Target fan page. In just 9 days, this post went viral: More than 242,000 ‘likes’ and more than 17,000 comments – numbers that are still growing. It’s overwhelming for Debora, who feels she’s learned a lesson. “They may not hit a ‘like’ button, they may not make a comment, but you're really not as invisible as you think you are, and you can impact people." Simple kindness can go as far as that $161 one woman decided to pay... “I will always remember her, and she has no idea the impact that she made on how many people. She just has no idea."

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Duration: 2 minutes and 24 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: United States
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Posted by: rakosnicek on Dec 20, 2013

10/20/12 - 7 a.m. - An act of kindness at a Target store in Oregon, sparked a string of good deeds.

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