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Why are you always with the governments? Why are you always with the strong? Is it that you were born rich? Is it that you were born powerful? No. If you are here, it's because you were born as poor as we were. And you are there to earn a meal. Meal that we all pay for! Why don't you think a little? We are poor. People are angry. They are outraged! And you are sent here to crack down and to provoke so the stones come out. And the stones come out. And it shows to the world. And you feel happy... in the defense of the traitor governments! Since all these governments we have had... are traitor governments, gentlemen. They have betrayed us. They promise us and then they deceive us and laugh. And they live like princes, all these rulers. They live like kings, while we are suffocated with debts and problems. And you, you defend the powerful. I have reached old age and I'll die with this sadness inside me. This sadness of seeing how they put Chilean against Chilean... poor against poor. My God! My God! Why don't you react? Why don't you think a little? You are being used in the same way they are using us. Here a banner puts: "stop violence". Pacific, quiet people wanting to manifest themselves and say: We're angry; we're not accordant with what they are doing. The powerful are doing whatever they want! They take from us, they abuse us and they steal from us. Can we stay happy? We have to go out. And we go out. And we want to go out by peaceful means but you... you are sent here to provoke us. My God! My God! Why aren't we a little more humane? Why don't we think a little more, eh? Political parties don't matter here, political parties don't matter here. Colors and flags don't matter. What matters is that we are non conforming. I can say: "I don't need a meal... I don't need a bed nor need I a roof". But I was born in a garage. I grew up and I was educated among stumbles. And I don't want anything else than a meal, a roof and a clean bed. And I want to die in peace. But I feel angry, like many other... who were born in poverty and will die in poverty and in repression. And that's not fair, gentlemen. That's not fair. And you, you too, most of you were born as poor as I were... and now, thanks to those uniforms that are paid by all of us... Because those uniforms and that, and this, all this gentlemen... comes out from our taxes. Because we the poor work. Because we live like the poor... in shacks, in garages like I did for ten years... to pay for this, and this, to pay for the tear gas... to pay for the police cars. My God!

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Duration: 3 minutes and 14 seconds
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: granodearenal on Nov 30, 2011

Chilean women speaks to Policemen in a pacific protest. 21/05/2011, Valparaiso, Chile.

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