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We are going to get started by introducing BOM Management in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations. I will just simply call it Dynamics from now on. As you see, the BOM has a designer. I would like to demonstrate this for you by going through Dynamics environment. Within the USMF, I go to "Product Information Management". Take a look at the release products and randomly pick and choose one of my products that I would like to do some demonstration with. As you see, there are a bunch of products in here. In order to understand if they are indeed as type BOM or not, you have a capability to take this opportunity and duplicate this tab. Usually, I recommend, when you play around with the system, trying to benefit from this, is opening up a brand new session. There are many ways in order to see the bill of materials. One of them is just simply searching by this navigation and search for page by calling bill of material, typing BOM. These are the search criteria that gives you a bit more capabilities in order to find out where things are. Then, of course, by the time you go there, you can make it as a favorite. You have bill of materials, where it has been used. There is a report available for you. Usually, I am not going to waste the time to introduce each report. Remember, each module has its own sets of reports and inquiries that are available. I recommend it strongly you play around with this. Sometimes, as part of my demonstration, I just jump to some of the reports in order to make more sense out of my demos. As you notice, there is a product information management, there is a bill of materials and formulas that you can directly go there. It shows all of the bill of materials that are available for a particular side of yours and to tell you exactly what they are. Some of them are literally related to a particular item number that they named it. Sometimes, they just name it something completely different. Now by looking at this, you can directly go to the designer. As an example, you could see that this BOM consists of all of these raw materials. Indeed, right within here, you can take a look at available routes if there are any and benefit from it. I would rather use one of the products that are available, that I know that as part of a demo data is most popular like D002 or any of the following. If you take a look at this specific product, as you notice, the first thing is going through the "Manage Inventory" and take a look at the default order settings. The first thing you need to consider in order to make a product to be as part of a production is changing the default order types to be production. At the moment, as you notice, for the demo data USMF, you have the D002. Let us say you are not purchasing anything but you are going to store it. That is why the default warehouse is not necessarily defaulted here. They do not care about it because you are not going to buy it, you are going to make it because of the production. Needless to say, you have a capability to specify is it going to be bought or is it going to be lean and if it is going to be discreet or indeed process. You have to change this to be a production. You are selling it and you are storing it. That is the whole idea. Now if you take a look at this and compare it with this slide, as you notice, the BOM designer shows you, perhaps, you may have additional BOM as part of this. If I click on "Engineer" action pane now, you notice that the designer is available for this specific product. As a matter of fact, this is a very simple one. Whereas if I switch to a completely different product, let us say, like cabinet standard, I can take a look at the designer for this one. As a matter of fact, this could be just a simple raw material. The designer is going to be available for any product, either a product master product even though if they do not have any BOM whatsoever. If I go to the speaker solution as an example, take a look at the designer for this. You notice that you have a bill of material that consists of another bill of material, which is D004.

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