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Masters of KAB. Class #11 : rav_berg_birthday_true_love_1997

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I have to admit, you all see me today, but many years ago, that wasn't the person, you see today. I did not know what it meant to truly love. I didn't know what it meant. And when I met my teacher, and I saw a few of his writings, I heard a word that I had never known, known before. Word [hebrew]. To love unconditionally. Love unconditionally. What does that mean? I had no idea. And in that short period. Unfortunately it was only 7 years that we knew each other. All though he has never left me for one day since that fatal day in 69. Never left me since. I came to the realisation, it was that simple, that if, if there was a bullet coming at my teacher I would stand in front of it, without a hesitation. He thought me what was love. But then I realised that that was not even the reason I say, I learned I should say, he did not teach me love. I saw love. The reason why I had to learn love, you might say, well, that is what kabbalah is all about, and it is, it's nothing more. Yes we have all these channels. names and whatever we, practises that we conduct here at the centre. But the ultimate of all of it, it's nothing more than love. And then a few weeks after he passed away. Karen and I who had known each other for close to 11 years before, suddenly, here we were. And I realised, that if I had not, if I had not understood love. We could never make it. She is full of love by nature. That was not my character. And so for this to succeed there was that one important lesson. The one important lesson that I thank you all for your expression this evening to Karen and I. And all I can say is I hope that I shall never, never divert from the meaning of true love. And I thank you for teaching me that way despite the fact that I am a Leo. God bless you all.

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