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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 7

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Anything that can fly a hundred billion light years through space is not like us. So, they don't want to see your president. The jackass of all jackasses. They don't want to hear your little stories. They'd be very different to anybody you know. So you see they have other words... ...if they came from another planet... ...what they would do is give us the answers to a lot of problems. Whether they come to take over. A lot of people believe in flying saucers. I know you don't know this but I was hired by the publishers... ...of the first book on flying saucers. To look at the photographs that people took of flying saucers. So far all of those pictures were fake. I could tell by the size of the discs in relation to the trees. They were a few inches in diameter. And the ones that you see on the covers of most magazines... ...with the three spheres underneath it, tilted and portholes... Is a 1927 Sears and Roebuck chicken brooder. So, people that believe in flyings saucers... ...think that people are coming here from another world to show us the way. You know. Or God will send his angels down if we behave badly. The whole concept of God is a ficticious structure. Now the right handed man of God was named Lucifer. And God said "Try to better yourself". So Lucifer wanted God's throne... God got angry and he kicked all those angels out. They're called the "Fallen angels". If God didn't know that his son would be crucified, he's one of the lesser gods. So you see, your god isn't even smart. It's the kind of god men made and worship, is as dumb as they are. He gets angry, creates floods, disease, bubonic plague, as people told me... ...he made them, what the hell do you expect? So here you have these contradictory stories. And then you have constant romance on television. Romantic novels that people are constantly looking for the right person. There is no right person if you keep changing... ...and reading and learning more. The person you married when you were 21 is the wrong person when you're 42. Unless they read the same books you read and you share values. You see what I mean? So you can't have a constant anything. There's no final thing you could work on that works. There's no best language. Some people say "Why don't we learn interlingua?" Or something like that. Some universal language. Universal language doesn't change people. Semantics doesn't change people, unless you change the whole society. Semantics will use it to make more money. They'll use semantics for anything else. So you don't have a decent society. You can't even be decent. Let's say you're a decent woman and you work for Maceys. And the woman next to you says "How much is that lamp?" And you say "20$". She says "I'll take two". Being decent, and a christian, you say... ..."If you go four stores down, you get the same lamp for 10 bucks" You won't be working for Maceys very long. So how can you be decent and be a lawyer? How can you be decent and be a psychiatrist? Sixty five bucks an hour. If the guy has financial problems, give him some money so he can easily solve some problems. But the psychiatrist makes it more difficult for a person with finacial problems. So no psychiatrists are decent... ...they act in accordance with the society they live in. I'm sorry if you're a psychiatrist. But anyway, same with psycology. Now people are not brought up to be sane. 'Cos they don't know what that means. Being sane you don't look at an aeroplane and say... "That's a new kind of plane, it'll never fly." What's the way we'll talk in the future... "I don't see any wings on that plane, how do you propose it'll lift off the ground without wings?" It's really a question not..."It'll never fly it doesn't have any wings." You don't know what you're talking about. When you see a new type of anything, you say... "Where's the image screen on the tv set?" [xxx?] They'll generate an image in your room. The next thing on tv is 3D without glasses. What comes after that? Generated images. You can have your brother in law sit in your house. And he lives in California and he's sitting on the couch. The only thing, you can put your hand through him. And people won't like that. "I want to be able to shake hands with my brother in law." That's the next thing on tv, called "Cell tacta imaging". Now you [xxx?] well how the hell can you make teletacta imaging?" I'm going to tell you how. At the tip of your finger you have a bunch of nerves. When you stick this finger in cold water... ...the transmission of that cold to the brain... so many thousand cycles per second. When you stick your finger in hot water it gets hot... ...the transmission is different. So if you learn where those transmissions are...

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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 7

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