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akk_002 Dsus chords on the guitar

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Welcome to your first guitar lessons where you will learn how to play chords that's if you follow the right sequence of my website if you already know some chords that you're probably watching one of my other videos but if you follow my sequence than we start todat with the Dsus chord what's ment with all the names you don't need to know, what is important That if I say: "Dsus" you have to know which chord you need to grab with your left hand that;s actually the most important thing I let you hear how the Dsus chord sounds and what I do is using 2 fingers from my left hand that's my indexfinger and my ringfinger You'll see that they have names. My indexfinger is 1, my ringfinger is 2 my ringfinger 3 and my little finger 4 if you look at the chord diagrom, the chord symbol that you see which fingers je should use in this case it's the indexfinger, number 1 on the third string in the second fret, the ringfinger number 3, on the second string in the third fret and if I than strum the first 4 strings with my right hand it's the Dsus chord we're going to have a better look with the close up and you'll be able to see what I do The Dsus chord in close up I have just said: "the indexfinger is 1, the middlefinger is 2" the ringfinger is 3 and the little finger is 4 the first finger we place on the thirds string from below, that's the G string in the second fret, make sure the finger is placed correctly between the two frets if I pick the third string with my right hand than it should sound without extra noises do I for example place it to close to the fret than it sounds muted and on the other site it's the same, it has to stay correctly between the two frets the ringfinger, the third finger, we place on the second string in the third fret, that's diagonal underneath the indexfinger and this one we also check I pick the second string if I now strum the first 4 strings I have a Dsus chord what you can do now with this chord is the following you can find this also in the movie about the song Michel from Anouk and that's part of the arpeggios you can listen to it now So I'm grabbing the Dsus chord with with the right hand I pick the strings and that sounds like this

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Posted by: octofianus on Jul 26, 2010

akk_002 Dsus chords on the guitar

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