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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~19:52:24 - 20:07:51

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Those houses over there, it's only a facade, it used to be worse It's much better now. The water would overflow and flood the houses that were made of wood Ít had nothing to do with these more modern social housings Everything made of wood. Everything "misereiro". The only change is that the houses are more modern now. It's still the same crap. Just improved a little. I can't really complain, but it is all "misereiro". "Misereiro" because several people... I say "misereiro" because it covers... "misereiro" covers everything Not just the fact people don't have what to eat. to have what to think, to have what to choose. so that in the future you are able to get involved in society. Technology. It's a world very distant from here. And it is getting worse. So those people will get run over. Run over, man. It's like this, you don't have how to survive. Some people turn to crime. Those who don't turn to crime surrender to an industrial job. A factory... just like I told you yesterday, I was talking about it, talking about it yesterday... I saw it on a book and this is really important. It's the story of a young man here in Brazil. Works in an elevator. Eight hours a day pressing the button for the floor where people are headed. It's a useless trick society plays on us... A person has to think, to create, to interact. So, you're gonna spend the day pressing a button?! A person gonna say: 2 And you: 2 3! Are you following me? Yeah, it is truly useless to put human beings doing such works... opening doors. So... These are fictitious jobs. They don't have room for everybody so they make up this kind of fiction... They make up this stupid thing. There is a huge inequality. When you have such a huge disparity like in the city of Sao Paulo, or the entire Brazil poverty is so big they have an army of workers waiting for any odd job that might come up Just about anything, right? I also did those, those jobs Even now I consider my work as an odd job because it's not I'm not even registered, It's just temporary And what will happen when it's over? What am I going to do if they don't renew it? You're working now? Yes, contract, it's not registered. One year, one year contract. I'm already in my third month. Nine months to go. So what am I going to do? So, this is what i think, man Instead of the crazy kid in the elevator and me doing the fuckin' RAPA why don't they give me some money so I can study, or to the other guy so he can study too They already givin' so much money in exchange of lies Exactly. Of fiction. That's what I think, man. Because Brazil, man, is a great country, it has a lot of wealth but we lack thinking, we are lacking people to work in this area of creativity. of technology, to interact, to be a part of something. People are afraid. It's scary. Technology scares people It frightens me as well I don't have a computer at home. One of these days a girl said... You're famous in Orkut! I don't even own a computer. So the gang built me my own community. Really? Yes, I found out that a few girls who lived close to Paulo, a guy whose with me. Placed a photo there... So you don't have your own account? No I don't, I don't have access. Not even to Sitemaster, I don't know what is happening. My email, I have email but I don't know... I'm having a party next Sunday, can you make it? In my apartment. What day is Sunday? Sunday is... the 28th. I don't think I have anything scheduled for that day. I'll show you how it works in my home computer... I sort of know how it works, I'm just not there all the time. Sometimes people get addicted. Yeah. And I also think that Orkut stuff kinda dull. Rather shallow sometimes. Totally. I think since it's strong, technology is strong... And also allows to see that people are dying to have a way to expose themselves, to express themselves. And that is a crazy way to meet people, man. meeting people over the internet is extremely dangerous. Yes it is. There are a lot of crazy psychopaths out there man. So, I'm like this, dark hair, green yes, let's meet. So, I'm now I'm blond... see And you get a Jack, right on the first time. That girl doesn't know anything. So, that's all hollow. But since this shit is so advance to the point of turning the world into a global village, right man? And villages communicate between each other let's learn how to use this and turn it into a good thing. Now, there was a time I was staying with a girl. She was so needy her best friend was the computer. Sometimes I was kissing her and you'd hear... from messenger Oh, it's that guy, it's that guy. You're crazy! You're crazy! I wanted a computer so I could work on my music. Since I don't have my guitar, I turned my cell phone into my computer My cell phone records, my guitar plays, I have the ideas, mix it up and record it in my cell phone. You record? Really? Yeah, I record it in my cell phone. We play And then I see how it'll turn out. I don't always have, I have. I'm having some technical problems musical theory I don't have that knowledge so sometimes it gets hard for me to surf the chords. I have to study technical theory.So you are limited. I am already on the limit of the musical style I'm creating. That's how I found myself musically From this point on I really need to do something else, so I have to study. And I've done my music with a cell phone and a guitar. When I get a computer in my hands it will improve even more That's great. I will be wonderful when you manage to get it going. You have so many male friends, do you have any female friends? I have several women friends. ...just today is not a good day for women There's also the time in my life... Maybe next Sunday... Oh, okay. That one doesn't trust me very much... I did some wrong things It's just... Women are crazy, man. You just got a bad day... There... once the girls would come here from outside the neighborhood They would bring drinks, all cheeky But it's over, all in the past Not because they brought drinks but because ... We noticed we where important for them They came all broken. I've seen women from the 'Leste' area. Also from 'Braginha' and 'Bamboleiros'. I only have this one, man. I only have this one now. The family's too big, I don't have that much on me. I have to keep some for my own use. Forgot to speak to him. Forgot to speak to him. And... ...I just think you... Since you have a boss you could give some to us. Oh really? Do you think we will all fit? I don't think fit. Keep it cool you two Are you coming too? Yeah. Ok then. Nice. Do you want to leave them in our van? That's ok. You're coming with us, right? That would be cool because it would leave more space free for some of the people who want to come. I don't think we have enough room for everybody Nice. Pedro. Hey Pedro. Pedro. Are those women from the hood? That one is from 'Pareleros', that one is my cousin. That one is my sister in law. That one lives over there in 'Joganopolis' Where is the other one? That one lives... There was another one, right? How many people were here? I don't know. Let's find out. Let's see who's coming and go Time's ticking. What were we talking about? The girls, right... They like the madness, not of me. They like the madness That citizen over there, he was involved with a flight commissioner of... (?) Pedro's also popular with... Really! Is that so? Do you have many friends from other social classes? I do, I do. Eleven? We're gonna solve this here and now. Paulo. Two, right? Pedro. I'm counting with you, ok? I'm gonna count with you. Three. Three. So... Four. Who went to 'Eça'? Marilia and Dani's girl. Only those two? Then we're going, let's go to Vama We're going to... See ya, David. Oh, it's yo... 3, it was 3. So that's it. Eleven people. Don't you have anymore? The green one (dope)? This is all I have. I don't belive you. Mariano. Can you do me a favor? Can you do me a favor? Sure. Take my bag to the can, I got to take a quick piss. Sorry bro, I still want to smoke some more. Ei gang?!? With all due respect... have the women turn away, I'm gonna take a leak. And... Are you coming with me? Let's go. Because before Sunday I'm gonna speak with the Lord. Pedro, you're coming with me? Who's coming with me? Me and Jack Eleven with or without you both? Without us both (...) Call your wife. Speedbol, you are gonna stick you me. Speebol's sticking with me Paulinho, sit over here, man This first one is ours. Not the first one, the first one is ours. Hey, Mariano, call the girls over. Because before Sunday I'm gonna speak with the Lord. And... You're just talking, right? No I'm not, old man. Politiano?

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On the stairs talking with Dave.

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