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SMOKING with MILEY!! - Ask Shane 28

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It's A-a-a-a-a-a Ask Shane On Mondays! Shananay: Are you ready kids? I said are you fucking ready?! Who' lives in a pinapple under the sea?, Spongebob Squarepants! He's better then Shane and he's way more funny Shane: What? Spongebob Squarepants, Shane's dick really small and it burns when he pee Shane: That's no true! - He has scrabbs on his legs from being on his knee's Shane: Who told you that? -Sponge Shane Gay Pants Shane Bob Fatass, Sponge Shane Bad Gas, Spongebob's bombey!! By the way Shane you'r fat as should have played Patrick! Hey, you guys yes it is me Spongebob Squarepants! Don't regonize me? Just a sec [Laughs like Spongebob] yes, the Spongebob laugh the only hidden talent besides my Wendy William voice: How are you doing? Oh Spongebob and Wendy Williams I don't know which one's creepier.. Never mind. Jack wants to know: Shane did you ever feel like you din't fit in when you where kid? Well considering up all black neighborhood and they used to call me Big Fat Koolaid I'd say i really din't blend in.. but in the end it was a good thing you know? because not fitting in kind of forces you to figure out who you are, and if i din't go through all that i wound't have ended up like this... wait a minute Sarah wans to know Shane what was your favorite vid on youtube this week? Well Sarah that's an easy one. Its Miley Cyrus' new music video "Black Umbrella" oh you've never heard of it? basicly what they did was they took the Party In The USA video And then they dubbed it with a original song a song that really capture's what Miley's life is all about... Wow, all i can say is amazing! all tough i did fell like there was missing something... Oup, there it is Katie want's to know: Shane how do you deel with first dates? My main tip is to listen, its really really important, and not everyone is god at it... I'm not really into that hole hollywood scene you know? i've still live at home. - Just a second, i'm gonna go get a chair - Yaeh - Shut the fuck up! yaeh, listening is not for everybody.. Sam want to know: Shane What do you do when you'r bored? Well besides looking at Dub-step remixes of Justin Bieber getting killed on youtube. Actually that about all i do. Emily wants to know: Shane if you where the Nyan Cat, what kind of poptart would you be? Okay, first of all if i made that Nyan Cat video if would have been alot different, it woun't have been some shitty cartoon cat, it would have been something way fucking cooler: And, it wound't have been a poptart, it would have been Britney Spears, i think i just farted face: yep, now that a viral video i would watch for hours Allwright you guys i've gotta go back to my pineapple That, was stupid. I hope you guys have a good week i love you leave me question maybe i'll answer it, leave me a costume maybe i'll wear it, allwright i'll se you guys later, bye! [Captioned By: ClosedCaptionsTV]

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Posted by: michaelnovaktv on Aug 15, 2011

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