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Evaluating Board Meetings

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Evaluating Board Meetings We are very clear as every church and organization should be... When you have either elders or a board... When there is a governing body, however you want to comprise or name it, the most important thing of all is the decision that has to be wrestled with until you come to a point whose purview is what. Church governance can look a dozen different ways. All of them live or die on this clarity line. Where is this line? Who is doing what? Staff is down here. The entire thing is working hard enough to demonstrate that this is clearly staff stuff. This is clearly elder stuff. Every single time there is something that bleeds into either, you have to have a timeout. Try to remove the emotion. Ask, "Why do the elders want to mess with that when it is a staff thing? Why do the staff want to do the elder...?" That is an ongoing conversation. We have it all written out of what those rules are. What is interesting is that as clear as we have been... We have been working on this very hard for 7 years. We still come into new conversations where we wonder if it was an elder issue or a staff issue. When we do, we stop and say, "Wait. Before feelings get hurt let's discuss whose purview it should be." You are going to think this is silly. It is just a fantastic tool for us. At the end of every elder meeting, our chairman of the board slides evaluations to the people around the table. We do a 10 point evaluation of how we did in the meeting. Was Christ honored by the way we interacted? Was there consensual decision making? One of the questions is did the elders violate the border and start going into what we call means. Did elders who are about ends... Did elders mess with means? They turn to me and I am the referee whether or not I believe they tried to mess with staff stuff. They ask me at every meeting, "Do you think we tried to do staff work in this meeting?" If I feel they got close to it, I will say, "When that one question came up, I thought what was behind that was..." Then we will talk about it a little bit. I really keep that line of demarcation really tight.

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Posted by: landsm on Jul 25, 2014


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