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Permaculture 101

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global oneness project Permaculture 101 Commonweal Garden [♪ guitar music ♪] [♪ guitar music ♪] Member of Marin Organic [♪ guitar music ♪] There's many one liners in terms of what's permaculture, and I think my favorite one is really -- it's a design science. It's rooted in observation of natural systems. And to learn how to design how we live that has the stability and the resiliancy of a natural ecosystem. [♪ guitar music ♪] The three ethics are care of the earth and care of people [Penny Livingston, Bolinas, California, Permaculture expert and founder Regenerative Design Institute] and basically setting limits to population and consumption and reinvesting surplus back into the system. [♪ guitar music ♪] We focus on agriculture a lot because that's a place that we can interface, and it's such an incredible reflection of interconnectivity. It's the best vehicle for going back to -- connecting back with nature and back with the earth is through our food, through our medicine, but it's also through our building materials, through our relationship with animals, you know, through our relationships with each other, through our local community. I mean, it's a huge conversation that you can just--you know--have agriculture at the core of that and talk about economy and finance and trade and--you know--ecology and community and how do we get our needs met? What are our needs? And you know, how can we get them met in a way that isn't going to be poisoning everything and destroying everything? [♪ guitar music ♪] And the good news is, the solutions are here. They're available on every scale. And what we're holding, I think, are practical, on the ground solutions that we can do on any scale, whether it's an individual scale, like I get up in the morning and I decide What am I going to consume or not consume today? Where am I going to buy my food if I don't grow my own? Or how do I start growing my own food? Or if I'm going to go buy something, what's the impact of that product on the environment? So we're trying to open up people's eyesight and expand people's awareness, give them a few tools so that then they can go on their own journey into the world and go find their own learning path because what they have is, they have a toolbox. A little tool kit that they can take with them to go and build their own little permaculture systems or build their own life journey that will help be of service to the greater community and to the future generations. [♪ guitar music ♪] It's what we're doing.

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Country: Andorra
Language: English
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Posted by: global on Oct 11, 2007

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