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Shi 3 - ALIEN on how SEX change Reality

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: How Sex change Reality - Shi This is Shi once more, ok, now let's look at change why human beings perceived 'change', to exist in the world why everything 'seems' to change but when actually, everything is exactly the same as it always have been just- worsening and compounding really ok so, let's say you have multiple amounts of human beings one evening, having sex at the same time engaging in an sexual, experience then, as I have explained the pipelines structure systems within them then mixed up the entire mind consciousness system the information within the pipeline structures 'liquefy' ok? and then, as it liquefy, it is discharged- out of the body into the systems to release an orgasmic experience, into the mind conscious- un- unconscious mind of the mind consciousness system into- the rest of the world, the rest of humanity ok, so- then these pipeline structure are so designed that they, again re-create through laser- laser beams their information again and reconstruct everything quick quick quick and then, it's all fine again and the being is rejuvenated now! the information that has been spread through and enters, the human beings the rest of humanity, only few that which, have been able to be penetrated through the unconscious mind and get these human beings who have just, engaged into sexual experience inflation so are their unconsciousness mind, and now it is- sucked in and now it manifest, within the human being's mind consciousness system within a human physical body and then what happen is, the these- the system information of every human beings now manifest in their mind consciousness system, within their DNA which then holographically projected into their world and then what happens is, they experience experiences of other beings information that was transferred within them and then they perceived in such a way, that their Life has 'changed' and then they have changed because their experiences within their world has changed but not really all that happen is they have manifested, liquefy information that have been transferred through their- into their unconsciousness mind through other human being's unconsciousness mind, who had sex who had engaged in sexual experiences transferred into their unconsciousness mind, which is liquefy information which manifest assistance, within their current mind consciousness system pipe line structures and it infiltrates their entire human physical body their entire mind consciousness system straight into the DNA the DNA is reactivated and re-programmed infiltrated with this 'new' information and it manifested in a projected manifestation of their world so! human beings from your Life suddenly changed when, you started feeling different, experiencing yourself different unexplained, it is understand that you were downloaded with uncon- with downloaded with system information of other human being who have sexual experiences which manifested inside your human physical body and mind consciousness system projected and manifested into your world, which you are experiencing so that's how- "perceived changed" have manifested in this world blinded by believing, that this world is molecularly changing in someway or another when actually, it is not and human beings are but multiply multiply multiply experiencing other human being's Life experience within them which is transferred into their unconsciousness 'mind' so interesting that this world- nothings happens per chance but that per chance in that 'faithful event' is but of information of other human beings, manifested inside your human physical body ok, this is Shi explaining the transferance of information between humanity presenting that idea illusion, of change and difference, and differentiation ok, this is Shi good bye More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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