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The Conspirator (2011)

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[firework explosions] [click] [gunshot, crowd screaming] (male) Lincoln's been shot. One bullet, may have killed our beloved president. But not one man! (judge) You are charged with having received and detained , harbored, aided, and assisted, John Wilkes Booth, John A Surrat, and their confederates, in traitorous and murderous conspiracy to kill Abraham Lincoln, Vice President Andrew Johnson, and Secretary of State William Sewel. How do you plead? I am innocent. (attorney) Are you aware the trial of the conspirators begins today? (attorney #2) And what are we to do? (attorney #1) Defend one of the eight. (attorney #2) Her son John is Booth's right hand. Do you understand what you have been charged with? If found guilty, you could hang? (Surrat) I am a southerner, and a devoted mother, but I am no assassin. Your son is the only one that got away. (young woman) These are despicable people - the same sort that you risked your life fighting against. Someone must be held accountable - people want that. (older attorney) The military trial of civilians is an atrocity. (younger attorney) No, what she did is an atrocity. To ensure the survival of this nation, I would do anything. (attorney) You have to tell us where your son is. (mother) Who's side are you on? I'm trying to defend you. You're trying to save you. Were there ever meetings held at the boarding house? Many, and always in secret. You liar! My mother is innocent. I can't rule what's going on in that courtroom. You set the rules, pick the judges - there is no limit to how far the prosecution is willing to go! That's enough! You tell John Surrat unless he surrenders, his mother will be punished for his crimes. (Surrat) Have you ever cared for something greater than yourself? [glass shattering] Our founding fathers drafted a constitution, precisely for times like this. All in favor? (younger attorney) Do not permit this injustice out of revenge. [Captions by]

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