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Mistral gagnant

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Ah!! to sit on a bench five minutes with you, and look at the people passing, to talk to you about the good times that are gone, or that will come back, squeezing your small fingers in my hand then feed stupid pigeons chase them with false kicks And hear your laughter tearing apart the walls that knows above all how to cure my wounds To tell you a little what kind of kid I was the fabulous gummies that we stole at the shop the candies "car-en-sac" and the mints candies for one franc and the bags of powder sweet "mistral gagnant" Ah, walk in the rain five minutes with you and look at life as there is To tell you about the world while devouring you with my eyes to talk a bit about your mother And jump in the puddles to make her grumble To muddy our shoes and have a good time And to hear your laughter, as one hears the sea to stop, and start again backwards Above all, to tell you about the candies "carambars" of long ago (like tootsies) and the "cocos boers" (sweets flavored with anise) and les "vrais roudoudous" (a lolly inside a shell) that cut our lips and screw our teeth and the "Mistral Gagnants" Ah!, sit on a bench five minutes with you and watch the sun goes To talk to you about the good times, that died, and I don't care tell you that we're not the bad guys That if I am mad it's only about you eyes because they have the advantage of being two And hear your laugh fly so high where the cries of birds disappear Finally tell you that one most love life and love even though time is a murderer who takes away with him the children's laugh and the "mistral gagnants" mistral gagnants

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Duration: 3 minutes and 33 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
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Posted by: zauberwelt on Jul 12, 2011

Mistral gagnant

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