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We make wallets... In the Netherlands This is a market that has completely moved... to the Middle East.. By creating a completely different design... it's possible to make them in the Netherlands as well. The challenge for Secrid was to contact 6000 retailers that... communicate via email... and phone... digitally. So basically, to automate the whole order-flow. WeEcommerce offered a great tool for this. For the cooperation with the retailers... It's the old way of selling... Selling through stores in town. We want to use that to it's best capacity too, so... using CloudSuite... Good online communication... They can order from us online, they can offer a great... service online... Share information... We are sort of like the old and the new world... combined in the best way possible. The unique thing about the online store we currently implement... is that it's a mobile only application. We chose this because everyone... carries a mobile phone. If you want to place your order, your phone is... the easiest place to do it. We created a fully-customized design... together with the design studio. This design was fully integrated into CloudSuite. We pretty much had no limitations. We were able to make it exactly how we wanted it to be. Short-term planning of commerce and... international B2B expansion... So, expanding our current retail-platform to... other countries... We are also working on a proof of concept... to see if CloudSuite can also handle the B2C side. I think our uniqueness comes from our offline strength... as product-designers... Online is becoming the real-world. I think you, at cloud suite, are great online and we compliment each other... We at Secrid feel it's important that... our partners fit into our company. That we can build something together... That is one of our core-beliefs. CloudSuite fits our company at both the technological level... because there was a lot lying around. We have also noticed in the collaboration and the project that... our company cultures match.

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Posted by: cloudsuite on Nov 5, 2018

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