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Please take your time and study this video. It is very important for your advancement in Krishna counsciouseness. Time for sravanam. So if we want to be free from the clutches of maya, then this is the only path—to become Krishna conscious. There is no other means. Because here it is clearly stated, krsna surya-sama. Just try to understand the argument. Krsna surya-sama: Krishna is just like sun. Maya andhakara: and the maya is just like darkness. It is darkness. So just you cannot imagine where there is sunshine there can be darkness. Similarly, Krishna is just like sun; how can you imagine that Krishna and maya can exist together? No. That is not possible. If there is maya, there is no Krishna. And if there is Krishna, there is no maya. This is the test. If we are still in maya, that means I'm out of Krishna consciousness. And if I am actually in Krishna consciousness, there is no existence of maya. And what is the symptom of maya? Mamaham: "My country, my society, my father, my mother, my wife, my children, my property, my position, my, my, my." There is no end of "my," although nothing belongs to him. This is called maya. So the more we make progress in Krishna consciousness, this "my" consciousness and "I" consciousness will vanish. Just like while eating, the hunger and weakness will vanish. When you are hungry, you have not eaten in three days, we become weak and we become hungry. So this is natural consequence. And as soon as you begin to eat, this weakness will disappear and the hunger will disappear, and satisfaction will come. There is no doubt about it. Similarly, if these two things cannot stand together, maya and Krishna, then if I am in Krishna consciousness then there is no question of maya. It may be that I'm not fully in Krishna consciousness. That may be. Just like while eating it is not that immediately my hunger is satisfied or immediately I get my lost strength. Takes little time. Similarly, Krishna consciousness may be a gradual process of advancement, but this is the rule. If we are in Krishna consciousness, there cannot be any existence of maya, illusion. That is the test. If I am still in illusion, then I should understand that my business in Krishna consciousness is not progressing. This is the test. 'krsna, tomara hana' yadi bale eka-bara maya-bandha haite krsna tare kare para This is a very nice thing. Why Krishna consciousness does not advance? Because due to our lack of surrender. We have got doubts that "Whether Krishna consciousness can make me actually advance?" So long we have got doubts, the Krishna consciousness is not progressing. We should clear all doubts. That is, you have got, everyone has got right to clear doubts. Clear doubts. Thank you very much.

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Posted by: devavrata on Mar 21, 2015


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