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Jacque Fresco on WIOD with Larry King, December 9, 1975 (2 of 3)

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What i'm saying is that the computer is affecting our life. Okay, right. The computer is going to affect, whatever we like it or not, the thing is that using to a way better to collect tools, and that uses within the system that we have today, so, the fact is, the use of computers, i mean, is just like the way the soap operas are ridiculously using television, but the important thing however, is to put together in an environment where different kind of man would can grow and evolve, not the children that we... I think you stated... and... doctor Fresco's concept very well. I think you have, it's good to put on your own perspective, and what we are doing there is dealing with us, only as we deal with us, today. Now, there is our frame of reference of what is now. Okay. What i see is that one thing that i missed about what Sociocyberneering is, when you talk about Sociocyberneering, you have to talk about it at certain level, because some aspects of it are more relevant when you talk about the first model city, and other aspects are more relevant when talking about Sociocyberneering as an already implemented global system, you see? And we may have semantic difficulties, because doctor Fresco will talk about it taking Sociocyberneering in terms of global system, when the question is actually in terms of how would we help on an immediate level. Okay, thank you. Okay. This is WYND, i'm Larry King. We have a great group of calls tonight. Hello. Hello. Yes. Yes, doctor Fresco? He can hear you. Yes, sir. I'm not saying, how did you caught in a... some of that you were describing that i'm not talking somebody about an artificial society? Not to me, sir. Not artificial aim. Eliminate a lot of this society, try to eliminate government in a some extent to understand, and you are trying to eliminate discipline, you are trying to eliminate a lot of things, but the important thing is... I don't see that way, sir. I see a healthier discipline. That help with discipline? Yes. Not eliminate. And you would be allowed to do whatever they pleased? Not exactly that, although this was implied from some of the statements made, we wouldn't, people wouldn't be around and push each other... I would ask you, sir, how well would this discipline society worked? Well, by the way, the society is going through continously evolutionary process. Yes. And we can not eliminate evolution. We agree. You know. If we eliminate evolution, we will have a dead society, beyond any doubt. We agree again sir. And i want to say this, the only way that we can help the society to achieve any kind of that, in a high level you are talking about, this only when you try to eliminate the main problems we found, eliminating the best we have for the society. You can not eliminate god, you can not eliminate spiritual values, for example. I recognize your need for that, and i think that we wish... No, not a need for that, you are mistaking one important thing, that the main course in life is spiritual. Well, you can't... No, no, you can not put technological, or technocracy, technology go aside above that. I (?) you have a blood transfusion you needed for blast things. You may not believe it, but you are trying to (?) entire purpose of human life, you would go straight to, if you are able to accomplish that. You have an artificial way to see the society that would self extinct. I think i sincerely disagree with you, sir. So, having this in mind, for example, that god, if you wanted to, i mean if you thought that was the proper thing to do, see what we see as criticize from the beginning of man on earth. I don't know his intentions, sir. So far so good. I don't know the intentions of the meaning. What i talked was the (?) as with the development of universe, he sent to put man. Well, i think i'm going to interrupt, only because the common of your opinion and the doctor Fresco, is that a believer to a non believer, is a too biased, your frame of reference... ... leave more or less with technology versus religion. All right, miss (?) has a comment. Yes, let's get off technology versus religion, and talk about some of the... ... some of the scientists that is not religious scientists now, that who are beginning to talk in terms of the small percentage of the human brain capacity that we are using, and so much more that we can, right brain and left brain, The a lot of things along you can not drive to complicate things, because things that are complicated are also going to die. Live in... But what i was trying to do, sir, is to put your argument into scientific terms, which might make more talk about able. All right, let's say this, you can start, for example, as you give by eliminating a lot of problems around like housing, you see it, and can do it right now. But you can not, for example, for sea, never. Yes, unless you have and extreme occurence, you could. There is no way that you can bypass the evolutionary process of human beings making this be. And maybe... I can do that not, since it can not, it's not compatible, you see, with all of that purpose of life or whatever you call it. All right, thank you, sir. This is WYND Miami, i'm Larry King, you are having hour go with Virginia hide, doctor Jacque Fresco, (?) and all and another. Hello. Hello. Yes. Am i on? You are on. You are (?). Hey George. Doctor Fresco, you and i met, i guess, in 60's, where your philosophy, and i'm wondering deeply what you feel yourself reincarnated soul from the egiptian days, or (?) days, or you have any those kind of belief of thoughts of today? You think you looked before? No, sir. Only from the books that they have written, and a lot of work... He does not, sir. So, you don't go in reincarnation of past lives? I would say he is the least occult person i know. He believes in nothing in that sphere. Okay, thank you. Thanks, so. This is WYND, hello. Larry? Yes. Larry King? Yes. This is what i would admire. Well, that is one. I waked up, and my wife and would like to say that, mister King, thank you for being so nice to met Jacque Fresco. Most of all, i thank the great one, master Greece, the second call was gentleman. This is very gracious, and i am very honor. That the idea of sun, that is not lawyer, as far, average people that like to discuss. That is what i say that the talk about god i think that might say, this means this, the people do not love god, because they don't love their neighbour. In general, i don't know, they use god in a certain thing, that truly is not they don't follow god this way. I don't believe that way doesn't believe, i don't believe that. You could say that, we all know what this, once and being in a low kind of talk, and say that this. I don't generalize, but the thing is put in this. So in other words, he said the, i... At least at one part i would, apart of doctor Fresco, i don't mean that doctor Fresco is an atheist, or at least if he is curious, at least as scientist. I think that Einstein... I am great with that, and i'm trying to understand him, and the, and so many people said, and so many people are nice too. All right, thank you. I feel that while i said that once, he was great on saying that. Atheism is stupidity, as much as religion is stupidity, because any cult that get this together to talk about something, and nothing about stupidity. So it is, i said that fall and get a while. It is just as stupid to say there is a god, as is stupid to say that isn't a god, because we don't even know if there are life on Mars. And that was well, 19 and half, WYND, hello. Hello Larry? Yes. I would ask Fresco what he said that, see a lot for that, responsible for the great society, before i see any government taste it? Yes, sure, i have some early letters, from Humphrey, a friend of mine from school with him, Those ideas for a great society were collective from a wide number of thinkers, ideas for reinforcement... I called the project americana at the time. Well, i guess that was irresponsible, i didn't realize something about that. And what i see is that people that are suggesting is... Well, i don't think this is upon to people, i think that, knowing what Humphrey does, i think he picked up some selected americans. You could (?) at Rockefeller to send you information, all kinds of information on Sociocyberneering. All right.

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Part 2 of a panel discussion with Larry King on WIOD Miami, Dec. 9, 1975

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