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The Family

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( De Niro as Giovanni)There was a time when I had it all. People would ask me, "What was it like being untouchable?" Mwa! The question they really should have asked was, "What happens when it's all over?" [gunfire] ♪ [Italian music] (Jones as officer) You set a good example by snitching on your friends in the mob. (Pfeiffer as Maggie) We're not in Brooklyn anymore. (Giovanni) I don't think there's anyplace further from Brooklyn than this rat hole. [toy laser beeps] (Maggie) I'm sick of being in witness protection. (officer) Welcome to France. I'm getting tired of finding you a new place to live every 90 days. (John) So, do we still have the same names? No, we are the Blake family. Anything to report? Kids, school? Oops. (Giovanni) You know, they alway adjust better than we do. (boy) Ow! Uh! (John) You're a maniac. Thank you. (principal) Let's talk. about the complaints I have received. (John) Complaints? (principal) Corruption, theft, bribery... I want to see my lawyer. (butchering French) De boo do caca ets. Peanut butter. On the right, after the dog food. Merci. Stupid American. How was your day? [explosion] (all 3) Fine. You know what's going to happen to you and your family when they find you? (Giovanni) You're here to make sure that don't happen, right? Try not to make my job impossible. They are somewhere. Find them. (officer) It's a cleanup operation. Get that family out of there. (Maggie) I confess, it's been years since I went to confession. (priest) Your family is the incarnation of evil! What is all this grief about? May I use your phone? You don't want... I gotta find my kids. You're insane. I know. [gunfire and music] ♪ It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, for me ♪ (officer) How was the first day? Nothin' - special. ♪And I'm feelin' good ♪ Why did you kill the plumber. I didn't kill him. I took him to the hospital. (Maggie) Who's gonna fix the pipes now? Well who's gonna rebuild the supermarket that burned down the day we got here? [sirens] Heh? [Captions by]

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