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Case Study Thomas (Mod 9)

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>> Hello. Welcome to this module's case study. Remember Thomas? Imagine that this is your ninth coaching session with Thomas. Here are some notes from his previous three sessions with you. Session number six, we explored Thomas's feelings of failure from his last revisit form and how this limiting belief might impact his life. We used the visualizing healthy word web, but placed success at the center. Thomas was able to see that he associates health with success, which helped explain why he's so focused on getting results via strict and more extreme eating habits. Thomas said that losing control of food means losing control of his vision of himself as a strong man who knows what he wants, confidence and success in his job, in his family, and with his physical goals. This is partly why he gets so frustrated when he can't seem to control his urges or eat foods on his off-limits list when he's really stressed out. Session number seven, Thomas talked more about his struggle with confidence throughout his life. As a high school wrestler, he was always trying to make weight to weigh the right amount for the upcoming competition. He wanted to make his father proud, be a good role model for his brother, fit in with his peers, and be seen as desirable by girls. As a result, his eating habits were quite regimented and sometimes included either restrictive eating and extreme exercising to shed pounds or overeating to gain weight. Thomas stopped wrestling in college, but he says he still thinks about food as fuel or as a means to an end rather than a source of fun. Session number eight, Thomas said that he's much more of an eat to live person, which he admitted, doesn't leave much room for mindfulness. Thomas likes challenges, so I challenged him to complete the exercise Your Eating Matrix, and then try reframing his gut responses into more neutral ones. As expected, he struggled with this, but he was able to start moving toward a more bio-individual mindset. For example, he reframed fried food from bad to upsets my stomach. Thomas is very self-aware in terms of how what he eats affects his body. However, he saw through the How You Do exercise that he tends to be very rigid across the board. I encouraged him to practice making one small shift the following week in terms of how he approaches things like eating, work, and leisure. In his most recent revisit form, Thomas shared that he focused more on how he ate and that he even tried some foods that weren't on his current food plan. He still had some self-judgmental thoughts but focused on reframing them. We'll return to Thomas in a few weeks after you finish this module. Try applying some of the material to Thomas. What aspects of these three sessions stood out to you? How do you think this information might connect with Thomas's ravenous indulgences during family holidays? Share your ideas in the Facebook group, and I'll see you soon.

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Case Study Thomas (Mod 9)

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