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"You'll love working with us." This is how Teleperformance presents itself on its website. And in the company's promotional videos, it seems to be no better place to work. I love working on Teleperformance. But not all workers will say so well about this multinational which provides contact center services for many companies in the world. To the Commerce, Offices and Services Union, several complaints came from people working at Teleperformance who after being resigned, had the Social Security refused, the unemployment allowance. What they told us is that they were not entitled to the unemployment allowance, because they didn't have the 30 days or the full month of the discounts. That is, they did not have the necessary days of discounts. What appears in the extract, the Social Security extract, is that a month has 18 days of work, therefore, it has the discounts, it has two and a half days, then there are two days, but it never amounts to the full month of work. And they have worked, in fact, a month of work? Exactly. Six days a week, eight hours a day. This situation happened to Brazilian workers who didn't wanted to talk fearing retaliations, and they only realized when the payslip reports started to be in Portuguese. The receipts then divided the remuneration in two months, and discounts for Social Security never reflected a month's work. In all cases, those workers were hired by an outsourcing company, Emprecede. The information is given in the offices of Teleperformance, by Teleperformance trainers, and they are all hired by Teleperformance. When it's time to sign the contract, it's when you are aware that there's another company which is Emprecede. It is a ghost company that exists for Teleperformance to hire workers. A precarious way. Teleperformance only responded in a statement to our interview request, ensuring that there isn't any infringement, debt, or non-payment to Social Security, and they even attest the fact with a statement from the State Services. It recognizes, however, that Emprecede is one of its business partners, which provides services in the area of human resources in outsourcing. And emphasizes that Teleperformance and Emprecede are two fully autonomous, legally independent entities, with their own resources and staff. Emprecede is a properly regulated company at the Employment and Vocational Training Institute located in Laranjeiro e Feijó. But on the Internet and in work contracts, the addresses are others. This is the Emprecede address that appears on employment contracts. It's 2:45 pm on a weekday, and we'll ring the bell to discover what kind of temporary work company this is. No one answered. Neither here, nor in the address that appears on the Internet. The number three on Maria Lamas street, in Almada, is a building where there is no reference to Emprecede. It was only possible to contact them by email. And Emprecede says that they've always been up to date the discounts for Social Security concerning the whole universe of its workers. The Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security says that the employer company requested a meeting at the district center of the Social Security in Setúbal in order to remediate the situation and that the regularization is ongoing. The Ministry of Labor also said that in the Social Security Institute there are two complaints against Emprecede and that the supervisory department ordered the opening of cases for inquiries.

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