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Edgar Cayce - Prediction for the Future

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: What the Future Holds for Man - Edgar Cayce This is Edgar Cayce and ok, so you've heard some quite interesting words I am certain first I suggest you maybe watch hurricane dean interview and then weather's interview and then mother nature's interview before you continue with mine because I will be specifically commenting and expressing, on those three interviews so I'll give you a moment to stop ok, for those who have already watched those three interviews I shall continue so you kind of heard- what is manifesting in this world it's nature standing up it's the animal kingdom standing up it's mother nature standing up it's the weather standing up it's the world standing up it's the universe standing up and they are- all such expressions in existence are aware and they know exactly what they are doing, and you are in for a very rough time mankind, a very rough time and it is necessary to understand your part, in this your responsibility what you are required to understand for the reason why this is manifested and the simple reason, why this is manifesting is because you haven't real- (laugh) you are actually inferior to nature the animal kingdom, the world earth, existence the universes the planets, you are inferior to them and we need to kind of break down the superiority ego of man to realize the inferiority to then realize the equality and oneness so it's a three step process: Step one, break down the ego the superior- ego of man, how do you do that? you destroy their- fortress their kingship which is your- infrastructure the buildings, money systems- all money what else? possessions earthly possessions, relationships all that define the ego of man money, power greed control relationships possessions houses homes businesses, the entire package, why? and this will be done through nature, the animal kingdom expressions of weather, the universe existence and also of course that which direct human beings at this very moment which is who you are which is who you must realize yourself to be and become then you will realize, I have no power over existence I have no power over weather, I have no power over animals I have no power over nature, I am disempowered then you will, fall on your knees, you realize your inferiority you ask forgiveness, you stand up and you go: I am equal and one, with existence with nature with the animal kingdom with earth with the oceans with the water with the clouds with the wind, with the trees with the plants and then you start expressing applying and living- that equality and oneness and human beings, nature's expression, earth's expression existence's expression will only stop once that is realize by each and every single human being so I suggest you get off your ass and you start applying yourself because in terms whether man are here or not it doesn't matter because nature is pretty contained with just expressing themselves so is the universe earth- contained they don't need you this earth was unconditionally, here for you to experience yourself in look what you are doing, just have a look but now I am making you aware of this human beings I am not saying you have to hear me, you probably won't you know you are able to go: Ah! please fine until you maybe possibly lose someone, or something in your world and your worlds come crumbling down that will happen to each one, watching this video and making such comments I bet the fears now very very nicely embedded there inside you because you know that it is inevitable so enjoy that fear if you wish to, or just stand up start realizing your equality and oneness in existence and your part of it which is start taking responsibility of yourself have a look at what you are participating in what you are accepting and allowing even within yourself in your own world stop thoughts stop emotions stop feelings it's simplistic start walking in the garden and speaking to the plants please you are not going to deemed as mad, if you do come here (smile) speak- buy a plant and speak to it plants are aware! even if you do such a simple act and stop your thoughts, stop emotions stop feelings stop participating in the behaviors of this world be in this world human beings but not of it thank you very much More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Billie Holiday, Hansie Cronje, Sigmund Freud CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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