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System Demon - Sex Demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demon - Sex Demon I am the sex system demon and I'm here to speak about what I am and how I exist in both males and females is exact same system what I consist of is the following: inside all human beings inherently has been created you know when people see animals- getting it on (right) they become aroused with it you know what? many people do but they don't understand it because they have been implanted! in already by me why? they suppressed that within them so they have become more fucked up in the necessity, express their sexual desire when they become aroused, by seeing animal, getting into it also children, it's a perverse reality that's what it is, and who else create this perverse reality but human beings and I know you have obviously heard this all over and over and over again you hear it all the time you heard it everywhere you'll continuously! hear it- until you do something ok what else? inside man and woman, I exist I as the sex system demon what exist within man and woman are pictures are pictures seen on television magazine- bodies wishes dreams desires for sexual experience based on pictures and that's where I come in I am the sex system demon within human beings based on pictures alone based on already pre-programed desires arousal which occurs with children and animals it's a system within human beings that have been created and designed since the beginning in other words why not? because then sex is not an self-expression that occurs as the human beings as Life but it is a system-expression where all the energy is derived from a desire of a picture inside human beings of two people having sexual intercourse, and then the system and then the sexual desire energy that is created when human beings have sex is diverted into all of humanity through the unconscious mind which supports mind consciousness systems but of course that is now changed again so when human beings have sex they are only supporting their own mind consciousness system within them because their starting point- for sex is based on pictures which is what I am I am the pictures of sex it's like the moment I am in each and every single human being because all human beings have got pictures of sex- two human beings having sexual intercourse through acceptance this moment to desire, to have sex, to have relationships so all human beings are having a relationship at the moment is in a relationship, to fulfill their sexual desire of pictures that is within them of two people having sexual intercourse! and that's why this world is so fucked up because human beings are not expressing themselves while and during sexual intercourse, not realizing! that the actual honest to the self-expression of human beings is sex I am not going further on that one because if I do explain to you how it really works you as systems are going to fuck it up again so firstly, let's just first sort out and let me just tell you that I am your sex system sex- system demon which is within you and- your orgasm will be really shit experiences because you will be compounding your world of mind consciousness systems the more you have sex the more you fuck up your world will become you will see (laugh) enjoy Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Country: South Africa
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 7, 2010


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