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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~06:51:19 - 07:02:46

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Dad, give me money. Where are you going? We need to buy breakfast. And the delegation included my aunts. -Where is Abdallah? -I want a cheese pie. Where is he? Downstairs? Down here, playing. And a group of our neighbors and the guests were received by... -Get um... -What is she going to get? Four Thyme pies Jamila. Four thyme pies and four cheese pies. Ask her. She has to go get pies. -Do you mind? -I want to go with her. -Like that like that... -It is ok she said. Hamdo go with your sister. -No mom I'll go with her I'll go. -No mom, nobody comes with me. -Me! -I don't want to go with him. -It's ok. -Ok nobody goes with her, let her go by herself. -Get... -Four thyme pies and four cheese pies. Go on, go on. No... No... No... No! -Why did you not tell me? -She wants to put the microphone on you. She wants to put the microphone on me. Where is your mother? Call her. -Let her keep the same clothes on... -She only wants to put the mic on her. Are you going to put the microphone on? -Leave the room she wants to put the microphone on... -Should I leave? Yeah. Hold on. Open the door a bit. Close the door. (Baby voice) Give it to me, give it to me. No, no. Come take this, come. (Baby voice) Come, come. No, no. (Baby voice) Abdallah come here. Ahmad. (Baby voice) Go check on Salam and Abdallah. -Hamza? -Yes? Tell him to stay until 12 o'clock, his mother will pick him up after the guests leave. Here is Abdallah. -Is today Sunday? -No, it's Friday. Don't they have Friday and Sunday off? No, only Sunday. -What are you going to get? -Four thyme pies and four cheese pies. -Should I get a pizza? -Four cheese and four thyme. No sweetie no, pizza is not necessary. I want to go with her! Look, Abdallah is there! Abdallah is there! (Baby crying) Do I go now? One, two, three, four, five... Good morning. (Holy Quraan recitation) Do we go in from here or from there? Good day Sir. I need four cheese pies and four thyme pies. Shadi, come here! Check this out, a TV camera! I need two cheese pies. Two cheese? Two cheese? Ok they are being baked. Sir give me four cheese and four thyme. Get on Shadi/ Give me, give me. Whose is this pizza? Shadi get on. Oh dear... Four cheese pies and four thyme pies? Ok. Thyme pies are right here. -One? -No, four. Shadi hurry, come make this Shadi.

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Duration: 11 minutes and 27 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 165
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 20, 2009

Jamila at home.

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