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In the Lap of the Master - Highlights

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When you were born as a helpless little baby or an infant The lap of your mother, the comfort, the security, the nourishment of your mother's lap was crucial Can I not grow up without it? You can but it would be a struggle It wouldn't be a joy to grow up And it is possible that you could be physiologically or psychologically impaired in the process of your growth Simply because you did not have that lap Can I not grow up in a crib? You can. But it wouldn't be the same It would mean a lot of struggle So even for your physiological and psychological growth What kind of ambiance the lap of your mother, the maternal lap becomes very important For one's spiritual growth, for one to flower spiritually the lap of grace is most important Can I not grow without it? You can It would be improper to say you cannot. You can But it would be lot of struggle Lot of struggle I don't see many here who would be capable of that kind of struggle They would only give up Because it takes almost inhuman attitude toward yourself If you have to grow without grace you have to be literally inhuman to yourself Very hard upon yourself Otherwise, simply you will go in circles not knowing what you're doing Is it the cruelty or the inhumanity of it which makes you grow? No. This cruelty and inhumanity makes sure that you don't go the wrong way So people who chose very hard ways of doing things They have chosen that way because they are orphan seekers Without the lap of grace they are trying to grow So to be in the lap of grace And doubly to be in the grace of such a large establishment It's a fortune We can set up an experiment for you to experience what is the difference If I make you walk, just walk away a kilometer or two And with your eyes closed we'll help you. We will make sure you don't walk into anything With your eyes closed, maintaining a certain level of awareness you walk You will see a distinct difference taking you, taking you up A distinct difference happening within the very physical system as you move closer to this space To set up such a lap of grace many have contributed But now around the world all kinds of things are happening in the name of spiritual process and this has caused immense damage to the very seeking in people because if there is no trustful ambiance there will be no spiritual process as such To maintain the sanctity of this that people in the last row need not worry they're going to be eaten up Or rather, people in the first row That they need not worry about their security and safety and what is going to happen to them If this cannot be put down there will be no spiritual process Unfortunately even in this land which has been so steeped in spiritual process of every kind, of every kind When I say every kind you have not even imagined how many kinds This is a land which has witnessed every kind of spiritual process A billion different ways as to how to approach your interiority Not one kind, a billion different ways We even have 33 crore gods That is when we had 33 crore population. You understand? This is very beautiful and symbolic to tell you that for every kind of human being we opened a doorway I think the best compliment for this possibility was paid by one of the sharpest American minds, that's Mark Twain Mark Twain said He visited India for a little over three and a half months and when he was leaving he said Anything that can ever be done either by man or God has been done in this land. So much has happened but in recent times we have brought about a situation even in the spiritual spheres that people are beginning to wonder is this really true So creating an atmosphere, creating an ambiance of grace where one can just relax, melt and merge into that, is most important

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 20, 2010 Between April 24-26, over 2000 participants gathered at Isha Yoga Center/India to be in the Grace of Sadhguru. In a first of its kind event, those who came were given special practices during the day and in the evening Sadhguru held sathsangs under the majestic "Lap" of the Vellingiri mountains.

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