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Edward Abbey - Glen Canyon Dam

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There is an art of resistance. In the spring of 1981, three Berkeley grad-students from making a film about the impacts of energy about living in the South West, when the author, Edward Abbey, suggested they meet him at the Glen Canyon Dam Film makers Toby McLeod, Randy Heys and Glen Switckeis captured the dramatic birth of the radical environmental birth Earth First. ♫♫♫ music♫♫♫ Surely, no man-made structure in the modern American History has been hated so much by so many for so long, for such a good reason: The Glen Canyon Dam (people applauding and shouting) ♫♫♫music♫♫♫ The industrialization, organization and neutralization ………of the American West continues more down to propose more coal burning and nuclear power plans projected projected an aim existence desolated much in Nevada and Western Utah, more rivers diversion projects, more strict mining over mountains clear cutting our floors, the misuse of the water, the abuse of the land. All for the shake of short-term profit, all to keep the industrial military empire, going and growing until it finally reaches the point where must self-destruct to destroy itself. What is used for building a great city if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to build it on? Earth first! How can we create a civilization free for the dignity of free men and women if the globe itself is ravished and polluted and defiled and insulted. The domination of nature leaves the domination of human beings. Meanwhile, what to do? Here I can offer nothing with more of the same. Oppose, opposing the destruction of our home land to its hellion forces from Houston, Tokyo, Manhattan, Washington DC and the Pentagon. And if our opposition is not enough, we must resist, and if resistance is not enough then subvert. After ten years of modest environmental progress the powers of industrialism and militarism had become alarmed. The empire is striking back. but we must continue to strike back to the empire by whatever means available to us. Whether to lose is a matter of honor. Oppose, resist, subvert, delay until the empire itself ( )the ball apart until that happens, enjoy, enjoy the great American west, what is left of it. Climbers, mountains, runners, rivers, hikers, canyons, explorers, forests, are shared in the beauty of ruralness, friendship, love, and the common effort to save what we love. Do this and we will be strong, involved and happy. We will outlive to our enemies. And as my gristle grandmother used to say we will live to piss on their graves. (people laughing and cheering up) thank you ♫♫♫ music♫♫♫

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SourceCode Season 3
Episode 2: Eco Dissent/Not Terrorism
Edward Abbey - Glen Canyon Dam
Art of Resistance

When Edward Abbey went to the Glen Canyon Dam to drop a banner, EarthFirst! was born. And we're grateful filmmaker Christopher McLeod was there to record it. Please visit his website and check out (and support) his work.

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