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rav_berg_new_moon_scorpio_2002_edit_20131002_eng - 10 Translation(s) Dotsub

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New Moon of Scorpio New Moon of Scorpio Rav Berg 2002. Chodesh Tov everybody. Wonderful to be with you all in approaching the new lunar month of Scorpio. And before I proceed any further in making an attempt to grasp as much as we can concerning the importance of the month of Scorpio, let us raise our consciousness in unison by reading the section concerning Scorpio, which of course originates with the oldest written document known to mankind today, The Sepher Yetzirah: The Book of Formation authored by Abraham the Patriarch. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the, with this book known as The Book of Formation, it is where the wellspring of all forms of celestial influences originate. The letter Nun is the origin of what the kind of influence that emerges during this month of Scorpio. This letter Nun created the month of Scorpio, the Dalet that created Mars, the Hebrew name for the month of Scorpio is Cheshvan, but Abraham found it necessary to include the word Mar, Bitter. I mean, Abraham give us a break, I mean, what about the other months? It just tells you, this is a month of this or that. And here Abraham, you found it necessary to add that this month could be a very bitter month if we don't know how to deal with it. If we are like unfortunately 99% of human civilization unaware of the influences that are emitted by virtue of celestial forces in the heavens. Number one, we know what the letter Nun stands for according to the Zohar. Nun represents Nephilah, falling. Meaning, things that can go wrong, as Murphy said, will go wrong in this month. Structures fall, businesses fall, life falls, life ends. People fall out of grace, the word Fall has so many implications. The origin is the letter Nun. Now if we had a system by which I can capture and retain a dominion over that letter, I then in effect would be able to control. At least towards me and my life, and my environment, the extent of chaos. When the Creator found the necessity of implanting into this universe chaos, because we know the reason and there is a reason for chaos, and that is very briefly stated, providing us with an opportunity to have free will. Free will. Because had the Creator created a world that there was no choosing, everything was just wonderful, so what free choice would we have? And because of Bread of Shame, and I don't want to going into all of these different principles and disciplines of Kabbalah which provide us with a very broad understanding of our purpose and being in this world to begin with. That we needed opportunity by which, when chaos had set in or chaos is about to set in, that we should be in a position to remove or better yet, prevent this chaos, that inevitably must reach this planet, but that it not reach me, my loved ones, my environment, and hopefully the entire world. I could go on, and on, and on, for years just on this one subject of Scorpio, because it's a water sign. This month, and all of it's ramifications is what was responsible and is still responsible for the chaos of water. Flooding, too much rain, lack of rain, drought, are all aspects that we can, with the Ana Beko'ach, concentrating on the month of Scorpio. The verse in the Ana Beko'ach, because Scorpio is together with Mars, it rules together. And Mars, the Dalet that created Mars, again what an opportunity to take hold of a letter and today we understand what these minute, microscopic aspects of DNA have upon the effect of everything that emerges from it. Only recently, but we've known this for thousands of years. Only recently that if you can control the development of the DNA, so maybe we can prevent a lot of the chaos that emerges in the physical structure of the human being. These letters were given to us, not to create a language, but this universal system of language was there so that we can make use of these letters in our attempt to remove chaos from our world. Chodesh Tov to all of you.

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rav_berg_new_moon_scorpio_2002_edit_20131002_eng - 10 Translation(s) Dotsub

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